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1474.54 (4,512,135th)
16,725 (8,319th)
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Title Δ
Java 2D game: Where to put "global" non-final variables -0.46
Java - Pixel-Perfect Collision - gap between player and wall 0.00
How to Make a "Pixelated" Line in Java 0.00
How to store the result of some operations on Integer in to a diffe... +0.54
Why get(index) slow more than remove(index) of LinkedList in Java +0.54
BufferedWriter log writing uses a lot of CPU 0.00
Windows: "Your computer is low on memory" with 62% of mem... +0.54
Calcuting the date difference for a specified number of days using... -1.16
How to determine all runtime (but not static) dependencies of Java... -0.20
Java integer/double to unsigned byte 0.00
Why does KeyStroke.getKeyStroke('s', KeyEvent.ALT_MASK) cre... -0.00
Eclipse jre 1.5 > 1.8 0.00
How do I tell if the end user has a sound card in Java? 0.00
Java InputStream read buffer -0.58
Java awt EventListener asynchronous? 0.00
Memory usage in loading a 226MB text file +0.50
Can object be garbage collected between two subsequent calls to Wea... +0.93
Most efficient way to find next increment in a big number +0.04
what is java byte code performance getfield vs invokevirtual -0.36
Java Bind Exception - TCP - Address already in use: connect -1.81
Java JDBC is not reusing String values? 0.00
Huge memory overhead when reading a large data file in java -1.82
Why isn't overflow checked by default +1.52
Java - Math.ceil rounds 1.0 up to 2.0 0.00
Is concurrentMap.keySet().toArray() thread safe? -0.21
Performance difference between Java direct array index access vs. f... +0.20
make pause for x seconds while performing method in Java -0.87
AES custom key instead of 16, 24 or 32 bytes -2.21
Fastest way to copy a file over socket +0.52
Creating your own TRAP exception handler? 0.00
How to add transparent text to photo? +2.08
Perfect Number Performance -1.85
Overflow, or not, with >>> operator -1.86
How to Print the next 20 leap years in Java 0.00
Socket is not sending/receiving over multi-threaded java program 0.00
Write a Graphics2D object into another Graphics2D object 0.00
How to measure how long a thread will exactly take from new to end... -0.46
Is private necessary for a standalone Java app? +0.42
what is the means of i &=(i-1) in java +0.04
How do I initialize a float array, with variable lengths, inside th... 0.00
Turn Image into byte array 0.00
Using an alternative to large switch statement -0.24
Java locking in one thread, unlocking in another -0.76
Java VM is the operand stack always empty at end of method -0.30
How to fix "largeNumber^5+1 = largeNumber^5" in Java +0.53
How the operation of .jar to .exe works? +0.28
Polymorphism of objects through a stream in java? +0.31
How do I copy ArrayList<T> in java multi-threaded environment? +0.22
Converting short-list to byte array, but only using last X bits +0.09
"BindException: Address already in use" exception when tr... +0.52