An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,803rd)
279 (412,784th)
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Title Δ
Selecting best row in each group based on two columns +1.37
mysql self join with where -1.17
php date - How to use "h" and "m" strings inste... -3.04
How to call a batch file in the parent folder of current batch file? +4.28
SQL Querying multiple tables throwing syntax error? +4.00
SQL Querying multiple tables throwing syntax error? -4.00
PHP Pagination for user? -1.17
Would like to implement letters in encryption program +0.31
MySQL UNION ALL Issue to get the right result +1.06
Button that makes changes to information within database 0.00
join query not Returning any result -3.55
What kind of encoding algorithm is this? -4.10
i am submitting my form with php but it is going to spam +0.22
PHP add data from sqldb to cookies +0.16
shorten if statement with file_exists condition -3.65
Get request page name or url when doing a redirection -2.80
PHP/mysql requiring on OS X Mavericks +2.20
Error in mysql update query insterting multiple entries into single... -4.09
Blank output in javascript -0.01
Date loses position when translating from Mysql table 0.00
Using PHP in a header to redirect a webpage -3.10
Can't UNION on primary key -4.10
Boolean value if logged in 0.00
Join tables from multiple sources -3.98
Edit Mysql table with same Criteria -0.04
Custom output filename from piped batch file +0.18