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Rating Stats for

Serge Ballesta

1539.87 (10,792nd)
79,933 (966th)
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Title Δ
Overwritten data into a JSON data structure in python 0.00
convert csv file to multiple nested json format 0.00
Need to fetch only 2 cols from this file and save in a list in orde... 0.00
Reading last N rows of a large csv in Pandas 0.00
Setting a column in a dataframe based on a regex condition 0.00
Pandas column string method on row functions 0.00
Data in 1st row should be equal to the last row- Using Pandas 0.00
How to Run script for multiple text files with a common string? 0.00
Column names of xlsx file are not retained in the converted csvs 0.00
Replace list of values of dictionary 0.00
Decorator on Property not called 0.00
How to write a simple tree to file and read it back? 0.00
Python: Sorting a csv file by intervals 0.00
How to unpivot columns in pandas and name the months dynamically? +0.46
Matrix multiplication in python giving error, How can I overcome th... -1.68
Unique pairs with equal sum in C -0.07
Multiple linked pointers +1.23
showing blank pdf attachment while sending multiple emails with rel... 0.00
How to use df.apply() by passing selected columns of a dataframe to... 0.00
C++ Object of User-Defined Type Returned in CPU Register. How Do In... -0.23
how to convert json format table to excel? +1.33
Inherit properties from an already constructed parent class in a ch... -0.09
Can't insert into a database using sqlite3_bind_text +1.12
Pandas timestamp to and from json -0.56
Filtering pandas dataframe by min-max kwargs +0.44
Adding calculated columns and then just new data to a Pandas datafr... -0.71
Converting to datetime +0.26
In Python, what are the pros and cons of implementing an abstract m... 0.00
How to stop a server in python? 0.00
Get content formatted from a text file in C ++ 0.00
calculating result across multiple unique rows 0.00
Create a Tall formatted Dataframe from nested dictionaries -0.06
Generic Dynamic Array not updating properties correctly 0.00
Problems while opening a .dat file in c++ +0.93
Converting Pandas Dataframe to numpy array -0.31
Python sum with condition using a date and a condition -2.52
Python Pandas: convert list of objects to a list of integer -0.06
Update a column value based on filter python -0.58
pandas slice multiple windows simultaneously from time series index 0.00
Text editor readable pickle format? 0.00
Modifying a value from a csv file -0.34
Class member function +0.31
ValueError when transmitting a file titled in Arabic over a Python... +0.42
Python: Using DictReader, sort in specific columnn 0.00
padding spaces at right while writing data frame to fwf 0.00
Fastest way to send multiple char array over TCP -0.55
How to decorate inherited method - Python +2.46
why select() continuous return 0 sometimes -2.06
Python + List : selling prices calculated correctly only for first... 0.00
Python TCP Server blocks forever in send to client if client is sto... +0.44