An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.75 (77,645th)
64,842 (1,371st)
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Title Δ
reach memory limit with loop inside loop inside loop +0.50
php echo keeps opening in new tab, not in jquery notification toast... -0.01
Remove blank lines from a text file +1.32
Why does my Regexp-Code not show html code? -1.14
Issue using parent variables in extended class -0.53
Calling batch script from another batch script 0.00
PHP array_diff not working -1.14
Add quotation marks to comma delimited string in PHP +2.08
Find difference between two Strings -0.07
Obtaining one value per person from table ("latest-n-per-group... +0.23
PHP how to extract string from the right side? -0.62
How to fix Deprecated: Function session_register() +0.50
foreach and facebook sdk +0.24
Batch - FOR loop issue +2.54
Copy files that are N days old +0.45
startsWith() method in Java returns true on an empty String. How? +2.04
writing an "if" statement in Android +0.92
Passing PHP variables through functions? -1.78
Shifting first indexes -0.28
Reverse a string through string class itself +2.41
Could we have chain style setters in C++/Java just like jquery? +1.61
How to create a new ArrayList containing all elements from an int[]... +1.25
How to perform a complex query using AS alias 0.00
preg_replace php to replace repeated characters +0.65
how to improve this code with try-catch exceptions -1.20
Java SimpleDateFormat issue -0.12
Initializing an array of custom type +0.47
What does this for loop mean? +0.48
preg_match returns false +0.51
Is there a way to make messages appear when you hover over a variab... 0.00
Cannot modify header information - Baffled -0.36
Why are WordUtil instances a bad idea? +0.25
Can the return type of onPostExecute method in AsyncTask be not void? 0.00
Explode or split a utf-8 string but keep delimiters attached to str... +2.16
Accessing PHP associative array with index represented as string -0.53
Reading specific line of a file in php +1.27
Starting multiple batch files at the same time 0.00
Insert an array to a specified location in named array +0.17
How do I catch and recover from a stack overflow in Java? -1.09
Zend Framework code documentation style -0.49
How to use preg_replace to delete content inside an html tag 0.00
Netbeans - is it possible to see project source folders in a tree (... 0.00
The Chain of Responsibility Pattern +0.34
Any simple code samples for Java SWT MVC/other GUI design patterns 0.00
What are the alternative to PHP session variables? -1.84
PHP Foreach that repeats itself +0.01
Remove punctuation mark after the preg split -0.04
How to connect to localhost port from android? +2.16
PHP Ordering Results taken from Facebook Public Search 0.00
How would I turn this string into an array? -0.02