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Brian Goetz

1692.28 (183rd)
59,329 (1,571st)
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Title Δ
Why are we allowing a sealed class to be extended to a non-sealed c... 0.00
What is the use of @Serial annotation as of Java 14 0.00
String interpolation in Java 14 or 15 0.00
Are Java records intended to eventually become value types? 0.00
Java Overriding Generic Methods 0.00
Java Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions 0.00
Could we have Polymorphism without forcing classes to implement an... 0.00
How to write a function solution in Java that given a String consis... +0.61
How can I use Java records as DTO with ModelMapper? +1.57
JDK 14 doesn't have rt.jar with it. Where are bootstrap classes... +1.59
How could I evaluate multiple lines for loop in a Java assert state... 0.00
Lombok getter/setter vs Java 14 record +1.38
Java 14 records and arrays +1.47
Using Java 14 Records for generic (non-data) classes with only fina... 0.00
Type Bounds with Comparable Interface in Java +1.28
what does # do after invokevirtual 0.00
Peek() really to see the elements as they flow past a certain point... -2.13
Why does an incomplete switch expression compile successfully 0.00
What is ParallelStream Queue Behavior? 0.00
fork/join, synchronization necessary on input array? +0.87
var does not give a warning for generic +1.11
Why can't the var keyword in Java be assigned a lambda expressi... +0.48
Else clause in lambda expression +1.40
Can Java 10 compiled classes run on 9? +0.24
Why synchronized block is giving wrong answer? +0.60
Optional.get with Java-10 +1.23
Why are compound definitions using 'var' not allowed? 0.00
"array initializer needs an explicit target-type" - why? +1.65
What is the conceptual difference between a "restricted keywor... 0.00
Stream API map() and filter() -0.68
Is there a way to ship the Java compiler with our program? +0.26
Local Type Inference vs Instance +1.53
Java 10: Will Java 7's Diamond Inference Work with Local Type I... -0.36
Why would an inner static class extend the outer abstract class? 0.00
Java 8 vs Java7 Collection Interface: self-referential instance -1.25
Understanding O(1) vs O(n) Time Complexity Intuitively -0.85
Why is Java synchronized not working as expected? +1.59
It is possible to define the return type of a lambda expression in... 0.00
findFirst() on -0.75
How do I add a Stream operation parameter to my function? +0.90
Java 8 Optional / functional code optimization 0.00
What does the Java 8 Collector UNORDERED characteristic mean? +1.60
Type of method reference and lambda in Java 8 0.00
Interrupting Whole Threads +1.17
Is execution of stream lazy when using findAny() after multiple tra... +0.27
Do JDK classes have any further specifications beyond their Javadoc? +1.16
How to implement below using Streams in Java 8 0.00
How to serialize a Predicate<T> from Nashorn engine in java 8 0.00
How to implement Stack Iteration using Java 8 Stream +1.64
How to simplify retry code block with java 8 features +0.59