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Brian Goetz

1685.66 (210th)
59,329 (1,571st)
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Title Δ
Lombok getter/setter vs Java 14 record 0.00
Java 14 records and arrays 0.00
Using Java 14 Records for generic (non-data) classes with only fina... 0.00
Type Bounds with Comparable Interface in Java +1.28
what does # do after invokevirtual 0.00
Peek() really to see the elements as they flow past a certain point... -2.13
Why does an incomplete switch expression compile successfully 0.00
What is ParallelStream Queue Behavior? 0.00
fork/join, synchronization necessary on input array? +0.87
var does not give a warning for generic +1.11
Why can't the var keyword in Java be assigned a lambda expressi... +0.48
Else clause in lambda expression +1.40
Can Java 10 compiled classes run on 9? +0.24
Why synchronized block is giving wrong answer? +0.60
Optional.get with Java-10 +1.23
Why are compound definitions using 'var' not allowed? 0.00
"array initializer needs an explicit target-type" - why? +1.65
What is the conceptual difference between a "restricted keywor... 0.00
Stream API map() and filter() -0.68
Is there a way to ship the Java compiler with our program? +0.26
Local Type Inference vs Instance +1.53
Java 10: Will Java 7's Diamond Inference Work with Local Type I... -0.36
Why would an inner static class extend the outer abstract class? 0.00
Java 8 vs Java7 Collection Interface: self-referential instance -1.25
Understanding O(1) vs O(n) Time Complexity Intuitively -0.85
Why is Java synchronized not working as expected? +1.59
It is possible to define the return type of a lambda expression in... 0.00
findFirst() on -0.75
How do I add a Stream operation parameter to my function? +0.90
Java 8 Optional / functional code optimization 0.00
What does the Java 8 Collector UNORDERED characteristic mean? +1.60
Type of method reference and lambda in Java 8 0.00
Interrupting Whole Threads +1.17
Is execution of stream lazy when using findAny() after multiple tra... +0.27
Do JDK classes have any further specifications beyond their Javadoc? +1.16
How to implement below using Streams in Java 8 0.00
How to serialize a Predicate<T> from Nashorn engine in java 8 0.00
How to implement Stack Iteration using Java 8 Stream +1.64
How to simplify retry code block with java 8 features +0.59
How to implement inheritance with Java-8? +1.43
Variable unexpectedly manipulated by threads +0.27
Java generics - How to add non generic to a generic list +0.26
Why is not Serializable? 0.00
JDK source: code repetition and 0.00
How do streams / fork-join access arrays thread-safely? 0.00
Generate lambda class for generic type variable using reflection -0.19
How To Use Classic Custom Data Structures As Java 8 Streams +1.75
What's the difference between and +0.29
Concatenate string values with delimiter handling null and empty st... 0.00
Confused about advantage of interpreted language +0.26