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John Millikin

1592.44 (2,163rd)
163,209 (328th)
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Title Δ
Converting IEEE 754 floating point in Haskell Word32/64 to and from... -0.53
Calling C++ function pointers from C libraries +0.59
Find out whether all given files exists in haskell -0.22
dereferencing pointer to incomplete type +0.41
{} in .cabal for Haddock-documentation in Haskell 0.00
multiple calls to realloc() seems to cause a heap corruption -1.00
What is being passed in? +0.96
Help with licensing an open source project +0.11
Javascript Function like Objects i.e. "$" can be used as... +0.47
Is it bad practice to use python's getattr extensively? -0.63
Python: What's a correct and good way to implement __hash__()? +0.58
javascript date.utc problem 0.00
Getting a specific number of JSON items with jQuery from tumblr feed -2.37
Are reference attributes destroyed when class is destroyed in C++? -1.52
What RSS/Atom standard to use for feed generation? +0.02
In Python, can an object have another object as an attribute? -0.83
What's in a name? .aac V .m4a? aac->Works on website quicktime.... -0.16
What's the python __all__ module level variable for? +1.65
How can I render a Django template that has UTF8 characters in it? +1.56
name 'times' is used prior to global declaration - But IT IS declar... +0.38
Is it possible to use functions before declaring their body in pyth... +0.41
Network programming: Python vs. C for a complete beginner +0.96
 from python string +0.02
malloc() and heap memory +0.57
Is there any point encrypting passwords with more than md5? +1.27
How does primitive recursion differ from "normal" recursi... -0.65
haskell, chaining filters -1.64
Python web hosting: Why are server restarts necessary? +1.28
Problem parsing JSON responce from server +0.39
Difference between yield in Python and yield in C# +0.37
Python (and Django) best import practices +0.37
Getting a Python library listed in easy_setup and pip? 0.00
Calculate web page size in python -1.15
Do dictionaries in Python have a single repr value? -0.81
Is there a better, pythonic way to do this? -0.55
How can I read how many pixels an image has in Python +0.82
Why use getters and setters? -0.76
Writing a class that accepts a callback in Python? +0.39
When do you want to use pointers vs values in C++? +0.58
moc in QT wont compile my c++ header file. says its too different +0.37
How do I do redo (i.e. "undo undo") in Vim? +0.95
Simulate lack of system resources on Linux machine -0.05
Is there a cleaner way to chain empty list checks in Python? +1.52
Rules of thumb for when to use operator overloading in python -1.58
Why is this string changed? +0.37
Differences between isinstance() and type() in python -1.27
Better to save a slug to the DB or generate dynamically? +0.37
What is the definition of an open source programming language? -0.40
Where should I store photos? File system or the database? +0.99
How are bits stored in memory? (In chunks? Can there be bits of mul... +0.61