An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1499.71 (3,758,305th)
1,593 (103,342nd)
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Title Δ
ERROR 4956 --- [nio-8080-exec-2] o.h.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHe... 0.00
Javascript Sorting - Strange behaviour, any idea? +1.84
Application showing incompatible for MOTO E in play store 0.00
Is 4c + 0 equal to #4c4c4c? +0.02
How to understand "{}" sign in below code? +2.63
Trouble creating an object from self-defined classes -3.87
How can I assign a boolean to a double variable? +0.08
JDBC - Retrieve Boolean output from Oracle Procedure 0.00
Javascript Date allows invalid data (e.g. Feb 30th) +4.29
About declaring and initializing primitive variable in different li... +4.09
equivalent of UserEntityManager of Activiti in Camunda 0.00
Q: Getting a File's MD5 Checksum in Swift 0.00
SQL Query containing Timestamp Date comparison +0.41
Given a list of GPS coordinates making up a boundary, how can I cal... -1.84
How do i launch a program from the desktop through a JPanel 0.00
Configuring the context path of a web app outside the WAR's WEB... +0.36
How to make a java class serializable that extends a non serializable -3.68
toString method not printing 0.00
Using division in recursion -3.72
MySQL select datetime field where date equals today 0.00
remove all occurrence of sub string from string other than first an... +4.07
Regex match section within string -2.55
Need endswith dot and one number -4.12
First entry from sql table not retrieved in java 0.00
Security impact of access modifiers (public, private, internal, pro... +0.36
Change text view text based on phone language without using string... 0.00
Accessing class method inside interface in Java -0.06
Java OOP to show the standard deviation 0.00
Method parameters java -0.89
Why bubble sort is taking more time then selection sort +3.83
How to convert hex string to octal string in java -3.58
implement nested abstract class with getter/settter -4.25
passing local and instance variable with same name in java +3.99
How to combine two Maps into one with maintaining the duplicate val... -4.04
Difference between request.getSession() & request.getSession(tr... +3.92
I cannot close JFrame +4.03
Date Issue in J2ME +4.53
Java basic paint program ugly brush -1.15
Wrong Y axis when drawing on canvas +3.84
Can't Override Equals method on Java when calling contains -2.26
How to test collections in Junit (Java) -3.62
Count Delimiter in a string in Java +1.96
How to extract an integer number in a string, within a specific cha... -1.37
Quartz cron shedule is not triggered where expected to run every hour -2.13
Need help getting the graphics to work on a Hangman game 0.00
Is there a way to create a unique variable with each recursion? -2.82
store a big array into the MySQL table +3.78
JDBC Dynamic connection +1.74
Retrieve a random row with like statement (over 5 millions rows) 0.00
How to pick out part of bits from a 8bytes data in java -3.95