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Rating Stats for

Chris Charley

1502.87 (332,153rd)
3,715 (45,207th)
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Title Δ
Element wise multiplication of nested lists +0.85
Counting how many factors an integer has +0.49
Removing a row of data that contains values more than two standard... 0.00
Combination/Permutation 4 topics on or off in python -0.50
Encryption functions in python -1.27
How to find index of elements of a list that have occurrance of exa... -0.73
Increment date based on time +2.52
Split a string into chunks of substrings with successively increasi... -0.24
How to find the longest word in a string without using split method +0.79
Iteratively insert a character into different indeces of a string +0.49
How to select sequences using substrings from several dictionaries 0.00
Python: issue trying to merge two dictionaries in which values must... -0.20
print ([[a,b,c] for a in range(0,x+1) for b in range(0,y+1) for c i... 0.00
Pythonic way to operate comma-separated list of ranges “1-5,10-25,2... +0.73
Convert the string to a string in which the words are separated by... +0.83
How to read integers in a file in Python? -0.52
Counting repeated STR in DNA PSET6 CS50 0.00
Probability calculation in python -0.49
Interest calculator in Python. Find total sum and how much to pay e... 0.00
Replacing two characters in a string with a specified set of charac... +0.00
Combine two same values with same keys in a list of dictionaries -0.42
PSET6 DNA: Code only computes longest number of consecutive repeats... 0.00
Reading lines from a txt file and create a dictionary where values... -1.41
How to distribute array elements -0.50
Aggregate quantity based on string and additional column using pandas -1.28
Showing the Word Count for Each Word +2.30
Duplicates in list of permutations +0.50
Trying to output a decimal with a binary input -0.46
Identify all overlapping tuples in list +0.79
Command prompt won't recognize python -0.51
How to create list of all unique combinations while keeping a total... -0.66
Find total number of intersections between a given set of ranges in... -0.67
How would I put back together a string after iterating it? -1.26
Printing only the value of a key in a dictionary -0.04
How do I extract lowercase vowels/consonants in Python? 0.00
How to remove letters on strings by using functions with positional... 0.00
How can I loop through this dictionary instead of hardcoding the keys 0.00
How to read multiple lines at once? (practice script) 0.00
Finding all combinations of specific number of heads and tails in g... 0.00
Is there a method to convert a letter into it's index in a tupl... -0.40
How to read csv into a list and dictionary -0.01
How to create a regular expression with multiple conditions? +1.25
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'format' python... -0.26
Trying to remove all but the last of certain characters in a string... +0.04
Codecademy Python 2 Rock, Paper, Scissors -0.01
read number containing multiple decimal points +0.19
Create individual files by matching records in one array with a uni... +1.31
Comparing list values and select maximum from each day - Python +0.49
Is there a different way to count repetitions in a string except co... 0.00
How to replace arrow operator(->) with dot(.) operator in a string 0.00