An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1491.78 (4,384,098th)
2,763 (61,105th)
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Title Δ
What's the intended pattern of canceling already running Comple... -0.74
How to find the duplicate in text file in Java 0.00
Reading all variables from application properties using single class 0.00
Not being able to run jar executable file 0.00
Java thread and synchronised methods not performing as required +0.02
All Messages of Referenced Jar to Log File + Setting up Encoding of... 0.00
How to initialize a generic variable +0.72
Override main class specified in pom.xml while running jar from com... +1.94
Do parallel streams have their own copies of local variables? 0.00
Java java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement canno... +0.52
Spring-MVC web.xml file not using ContextLoaderListener +0.18
Convert Sample Request XML from wsdl to Java 0.00
JAVA return longest value if a string contains any of the items fro... -1.14
Can I generate a jar with maven without method bodies in Java? 0.00
How to encode an object which is not implementing Serializable inte... +0.02
Why am I getting a `null` when trying to display the details of a p... 0.00
Calling a class annotated with @RequestScope inside a Listener usin... 0.00
diffie hellman encryption public key gives wrong value +0.38
Use Spring dependency injection on a custom Hibernate validator 0.00
How to find the compatible jar version 0.00
iMacros - remove last character in string 0.00
How to sum the similar threads inside ExecutorService in java? 0.00
Euclidean distance in a 3 dimentional room - based on a 2d array in... 0.00
How to search an element in my array after displaying the output? +0.43
Java socket error while reading data from server at reader.readLine() 0.00
Java SSL: client handshake failure and server no cipher suites in c... 0.00
Email from Logback with variable value read from App.propeties file 0.00
AsyncTask seems to be freezing for multiple simultaneous requests 0.00
Can't use the downloaded java file 0.00
repo init returns WindowsError: [Error 2] 0.00
Is there a functional difference between initializing singleton in... -0.97
test if object was successfully added to an array junit +0.02
Eclipse easy way to refactor project to use a different class +2.37
could not download httpclient.jar each time I press Try again 0.00
How to display joined table in java? 0.00
Get a Sorted List by user 0.00
How to get length of a stream writer in java -0.48
How to convert character set in Java? 0.00
How to delete/clear AppData/Roaming/MyFolder files during uninstall... -0.48
socket.gaierror: [Errno 11004] getaddrinfo failed,django 0.00
file not found on path ""src/test/resources/" -0.61
I'm getting a index list out of range error when I'm trying... 0.00
Missing return statement when using stream with Optional +0.01
unexpected characters in JSON file -0.49
The Local Variable may not have been initialized "tarsosDSP&qu... 0.00
Swap and compare in bubble sort in Java 0.00
java :OverlappingFileLockException -2.01
How to Synchronizing / Locking a Variable right? 0.00
error update jsp mvc jdbc mysql 0.00