An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1484.50 (4,474,248th)
1,580 (104,093rd)
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Title Δ
JSF form validation skip specific validator for second submit when... -1.12
Primefaces cell edit leave in edit mode when validation fails 0.00
JSF Primefaces application doesn't render properly on upgraded... 0.00
Contains on a list of Enums returns wrong result 0.00
Maven fails to transfer one of many artifacts on same repo 0.00
JSF java.lang.ClassNotFoundException org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceN... 0.00
JPA Inheritance is not DRY -0.04
Repeated column in mapping for entity -4.06
JSF/Primeface associate item in a list using selectOneMenu 0.00
JSF disable inputbox with a checkbox in a ui:repeat on a composite... -1.13
Identical pages in two (somewhat) identical Eclipse JSF/Primefaces... 0.00
createNativeQuery mapping to POJO (non-entity) -0.15
Primefaces DataTable selectCheckboxMenu filter formating issue 0.00
sql statement that loops over selected values and performs other sq... -3.50
WELD-001408 Unsatisfied dependencies for type [DataSource] with qua... 0.00
log4j2 logfile location, one for local Eclipse Dev one during deploy -3.78
Primefaces DataTable sortBy EL failed to parse expression 0.00
Lost Drupal node content 0.00
nested Java collection to list items per person per day in a calend... +2.13
view internet page 0.00
How do I control the definition, presentation, validation and stora... -1.58
How to solve the "Growing If Statement" problem? -2.27