An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1531.96 (16,476th)
5,339 (30,831st)
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Title Δ
AccessControlException is not always thrown in threads from the com... 0.00
Wait for promises to complete before pushing error array of objects... -0.05
What's the difference between @CacheEvict(...) and @CacheEvict(... -1.46
ComboBox not listening to events 0.00
Solving the maze problem using recursion and backtracking 0.00
Authentification with salt 0.00
Java generalization of chaining +0.44
Execute a JOIN N times - possible in Postgres? -0.03
XSLT: Remove Empty Nodes ~AND~ Nodes with Literal Value "Null&... 0.00
How to show recursive comments based on upvotes? +2.09
XSLT matching and sorting with external list stored in XML file 0.00
Java Security Manager (Strange Behavior) 0.00
Python How to replace specified words/characters from a table in po... 0.00
Placing numbers in a 2D array by a chess knight move pattern in Jav... 0.00
I'm attempting to write a Taylor-expansion calculator in Java,... 0.00
Confused by jcstress test on ReentrantReadWriteLock#tryLock failing 0.00
Is there an elegant way to parse complex XML using Java? 0.00
select sha256 decrypt and md5 conversion postgresql and java 0.00
Jackson ConstructorProperties ignores properties names 0.00
Gson serialization of Hashmaps 0.00
Spring boot inside docker container throws -0.55
Jackson deserialization of nested objects of which one references t... 0.00
Can I stop java from telling the macOS window manager to take focus... 0.00
Generating a PostgreSQL query that connects multiple tables and sum... 0.00
Extending a Binary Search Tree to a Red-Black Tree -0.05
Thread join with synchronized of singleton object or sting 0.00
How can I populate fields of a JSON schema in Java 0.00
Java 8 Stream - parallel execution - different result - why? +2.35
Deserializing complex map structure from JSON -0.02
How to assign and retrieve a unsigned Long value to ioBuffer 0.00
Making the postgreSQL script configurable +0.46
Execute Spring beans from a normal java class 0.00
How to implement concurrent clear and copy map for ConcurrentHashMap 0.00
Update value of a nested JSON in Java -0.05
Read from Stax XMLStreamReader to unmarshall partial 0.00
Loop through records in PostgreSQL and generate guids? -1.93
SortofSorting on fails on the second test case desp... -0.04
Java: org.json.JSONObject - creating a new instance removes trailin... +0.45
Java Chat Program: client not disconnecting properly 0.00
Inclusion and exclusion principal in java 0.00
Spring Boot 2.0 Quartz - Use non-primary datasource -0.54
Multithread: Dynamically object locking based on resource in hava +1.88
How to parse huge json data combiling multi level array by java +1.82
GSON Double Rounding when adding in HashSet 0.00
Restore PostgreSQL data into existing database 0.00
CompletableFuture : Invoke a void function asynchronusly -0.03
Multiple columns with counts from one table while using joins 0.00
Xml parsing using xmlstream Reader and writing into a new xml file -0.04
Line number in stacktrace in java -0.04
Checking items in text Array 0.00