An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1536.42 (13,735th)
16,237 (8,610th)
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Title Δ
Disruptor with 2 producers, where each feeds a different dependency... 0.00
Docker+SSH, how to transfer docker images from one host to another... -0.54
How to measure the rate of events through a system +0.87
Unable to install Heroku toolbelt in Ubuntu AWS instance +0.63
XSLT parsing a string with both escaped and non escaped characters... -0.13
BigInteger in Groovy +1.33
Thread safe queue in Java 0.00
What is inverse function to XOR? -0.98
Arithmetic element by element difference between 2 collections usin... -0.38
Transferring whole HDFS from one Cluster to another +0.45
TCP Socket receiving and processing multiple messages -1.13
How to read an external text file from jar -0.05
What happens when there is synchronization block around the usage o... +0.25
Limit available memory on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10 0.00
Remove git commit that is not in history -0.06
In git how do you point the MASTER pointer(branch) to another commi... +1.90
What are git's merge strategies? +2.08
Getting the languages from Language class +2.24
Java array, prints something else -0.80
Git: move a previous commit back to HEAD -1.87
Socket permissions ubuntu 0.00
Why do we need Error class? +1.99
Run kvm on top of Amazon EC2: possible? 0.00
Is that safe when setName for java thread +0.44
Unicode(0xb) error while parsing an XML file using Stax -1.38
How to make my own compilation error in java ? -0.36
Why variable is initialized to undefined eventhough block is not ex... 0.00
providedCompile without war plugin -0.50
nodejs active on boot with nvm $HOME/nvm/ 0.00
How to upload artifact to network drive using gradle? +0.02
How to cleanly separate two instances of the Test task in a Gradle... 0.00
Why do my Gradle tests run repeatedly? -0.51
What happens to the lock when thread crashes inside a Synchronized... -1.52
What is the pattern used in Java (and elsewhere) to set multiple pr... -0.90
Reading xml with java +0.92
Java Writing unittest for exiting a program when user type quit in... -1.54
Bitwise operations, how to check for 0 or 1? +2.26
Custom Annotation for timestamping a method +1.56
Manipulating text files in java 0.00
live update panel -0.03
Sorting array of strings +0.64
Open source code coverage libraries for JDK7? 0.00
Java type captures for wildcards in collections -0.91
Setup SPF Record to allow sending email from Google Apps and Bluehost 0.00
How can I map "&" as "&" in a dynam... -0.13
How to prevent my class to be decompiled -0.02
Why does my android app read åäö but my java app doesn't(when getti... +1.79
Addition and Subtraction of Dates in Java +0.94
java: how to implement a TreeSet +0.18
interrupting a thread after fixed time, does it have to throw Inter... +0.18