An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.92 (4,190,793rd)
638 (220,629th)
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Title Δ
how to remove the leading zeros in date format as string -1.45
recursive async to promises or callback -2.17
What is a TransientTransactionError in Mongoose (or MongoDB)? 0.00
Write CSV file column title in javascript 0.00
localstorage values get reset after refreshing page and inserting n... -3.30
How to access the contents of a JSON file without a key? -0.01
can cron schedule a variable change in one of your scripts (node.js) +0.74
node.js async promises sequential execution -1.41
How to spawn a proccess and comunicate with it 0.00
T-SQL - Find distinct values in table only if joined rows satisfy a... -0.55
Convert String to Datetime Object in SQL 0.00
INSERT INTO SELECT mysql is trying to insert different data from th... +0.65
Javascript Foreach loop over array of objects? +2.85
I have 2 ethernet interfaces on the same PC, how to know which inte... 0.00
Should I fear or embrace database triggers? 0.00
How to use select * when use join multiple table? -3.24
PHP Tools vs VS.PHP (by DevSence vs Jcx.Software) ? Which to choose? 0.00
How can I fully test my SQL tool? 0.00
Hi All, VBA newbie here. I am trying to declare a "type"... 0.00
Select @variable not working -3.08
How to speed up HAVING which uses a LIKE %...% -0.52
PHP Programming Website Message +0.73
How to grab a text inside a div using JavaScript? -2.74
Getting an error retrieving data from MySQL using Ajax and PHP +0.68
How to start writing script for multiple commands output in a singl... 0.00
How/why are flag+bitmask more memory efficient in java? -3.42
asterisk symbol for required field -2.45
which is a better way to save into sql server , directly from csv ,... +0.71
using auto-number database fields theory +0.70
How does one invoke the Windows Permissions dialog programmatically? -2.93
IP & Domain to gethostbyname to preg_match +1.03
Javascript timers in which order -3.46
Database will connect but no data can be inserted -3.48
How to remove this string in file -0.65
visual studio thinks incorrct my correct sql query +0.31
How to decrypt this code? 0.00
Microsoft.XMLHTTP documentElement is NULL -3.30
how to delete the line after a regex match in Perl -0.87
Trying to refresh JavaScript variable that is assigned to a PHP var... +0.56
I want to run window cmd commands through perl from linux machine 0.00
How are C data types “supported directly by most computers”? +2.08
sql query to fetch the records of next 30 days +0.91
Loop through a table list and get max values of each table in a dif... +1.75
very confused on the working of *target++ = *source++ -1.52
Comparing two tables if their rows are equal +1.17
Using VBScript to examine properties of files within a zip file +0.56
php.ini file not working? +0.61
Why can't I access variables inside a function? -0.22
How to extract an XML Attribute from an XML varchar string using TS... 0.00
PHP loop generated buttons - only last one works? -0.65