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1537.67 (12,721st)
3,472 (48,371st)
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Title Δ
Initialize array after using it -0.89
Dependency between classes without explicit import -1.55
Converting a List to an Array in Java +0.45
Proper way to construct a Test object with a mutable member variable 0.00
Compute the newly pushed data in array using loop -1.84
Time to execute java program -1.43
Java: Reading in multiple different string variables from a single... +0.88
Java BufferedReader, how to preserve new lines? +0.45
Convert String to int array in Java need faster way 0.00
Javascript : Get value from an object +1.47
Removing negative duplicates of values in an array -0.63
all listview data insert only one row -0.07
How to reduce element height proportionally while scrolling limited... 0.00
JavaScript move character. Change image on clicking right arrow +0.45
how to trigger an event for an element when some other element is c... -0.79
Showing Filename Differences in List Array (Java) -0.23
Why JFormattedTextField does not suppport actionPerformed +0.96
Store information from dialog boxes to text file Java +0.44
Java Generics and type transform -2.22
Java - Store last characters in array 0.00
Deleting objects from arrays while iterating Java +0.80
Using Math.random 0.00
5th string needed from combination 0.00
how to produce a movie with python 0.00
How to take number values from a String, and convert them to int us... -1.10
check if list2.containsAll(list1) but with not exact same String -0.30
Str.lastIndexOf("\") giving an error +0.43
How to draw image through file path -2.37
test to see if string contains 2 letters followed by 7 numbers -1.25
intitializing an ArrayList attribute to the parameter List<t>... -0.29
"Array Dimension Missing, expected ' ; ' " -0.40
How to Change Default Inputs for JComboBox and JButton -0.57
Simple Crosshair in java 0.00
Java Swing - Draw Station Names using GPS Coordinates on JPanel +0.42
How to use zero length boolean array in "if" -0.89
Java writing for loop with user input -0.07
Questions about moduls and return statement -0.53
Cannot convert from ulong[] to double[] +0.41
Break In if/else program java -0.94
How to get the number of lines from a text file in java? +0.43
Converting Console Code Into JOptionPane 0.00
Reading multiple values from the same input line +1.20
convert java code to c# code (hexString To ByteArray) 0.00
Can't define a variable in html -0.08
Java gives different results for statement having post-decrement op... 0.00
Can't setDefaultButton(btn): no object to call upon 0.00
How to get keyEvent to work in Java? -1.49
Counting file in folder and validating after editing 0.00
Variable may not have been initialized, even after an initializer h... -0.86
How to grab only a certain row of a two-dimensional matrix in java? 0.00