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1450.75 (4,532,451st)
20,575 (6,588th)
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Title Δ
A variable template that is true iff a class template would instant... -1.02
Global static inline variable with potential class redefinition acr... 0.00
Where is the go project working directory when using modules? -1.44
Forwarding reference which binds to only one type? -1.23
Why c++ allows default template argument that can never be used? +0.88
How come this throws a c2109(Not a pointer or array type) 0.00
compiling c++ with g++ from -c to -std=c++11 0.00
why can I pass multiple pointers to a single pointer param? -0.02
Can I make std::pair of two std::ostream-s? +2.63
Is there a final, simple answer of how to detect if a function exis... 0.00
Universal reference vs non-template `const&` -1.68
When is semaphore initialized with value 0? -0.87
How to create multiple functions declaration in C? -0.21
Calling interface method after reflection & type switching in g... -0.60
C++ function call wrapper object with function as template argument +0.57
DDS_Octet Bit Shifting Issue: Right Shift Adds 1s and not 0s in C++ 0.00
Dump Go assembly for non-main package 0.00
How to tell what template C++ generated -0.18
Go compiler produces strange load into x0 0.00
Why does C++ RTTI require a virtual method table? -0.64
Compiler warning/error when using #if on something that is undefined 0.00
How to duplicate a unique pointer from a raw pointer? 0.00
Why still compile successfully and got a.out after warning: implici... -1.21
double template parameter pack -1.49
golang build with gcc instead of g++ 0.00
Why does the system function always return a shifted exit status in... -0.63
Why does function pointer in c does not have to be pointer at all? -0.89
Why unordered_set<string::iterator> does not work? -1.15
Ambiguous call on overloaded variadic template function -0.65
Declare size of a vector inside class +1.34
variadic lambda with perfect forwarding +0.57
Do Derived1::Base and Derived2::Base refer to the same type? -1.71
Golang cast custom type and assign its pointer to a viable 0.00
Using `std::array` size in another `std::array` -1.39
C++ throw an exception in a function and catch it in the caller? -1.61
slow std::map for large entries +2.61
Swapping 2 integers in assembly x86 0.00
Optimal creation new empty element in std::map +0.56
Make persistent changes to struct fields *and* satisfy the Writer i... 0.00
Base/Derived template class types +0.24
Cast variadic template type to void, expected ')' before 0.00
Why reinterpret_cast does work in private inhertiance -0.66
C Program abruptly ends for some inputs +0.55
Is there a TreeSet data structure equivalent in C++ with similar fu... -1.47
How would you cleanly follow the Stepdown rule in C/C++? 0.00
Tools for tracing a program abortion 0.00
How to use Objective-C's TargetConditionals.h in an assembly fi... 0.00
the most clean way to static_assert 3 or more items in oneline +0.56
C++ Templates, Polymorphism, and Template Covariance +1.36
Create custom distribution compatible with C++11 random header -1.52