An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,787th)
3,022 (55,742nd)
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Title Δ
hug create GET endpoint to download created word document 0.00
Fitting Beta Distribution using Pomegranate 0.00
PySpark divide column by its sum +0.53
Convert Grobid curl command to requests in Python 0.00
Pyspark agregate sort and score -0.54
Vectorizing Pyspark Geodistance Calculation 0.00
How To Parse Verbs Using Spacy +0.54
Count and sort co-occurence matrix -1.07
Adding tuple elements, parsed into pandas DataFrame +0.62
Basic Sklearn: How to Pass Scoring Function to Fit Method 0.00
Parsing XML into a dataframe 0.00
Cant seem to flatten numpy array 0.00
Lemmatization of all panda cells +0.53
Pandas `apply` error dependent on presence of nan? 0.00
How to vectorize multiple matrix multiplications in numpy? -0.84
` for row in x` as native numpy? +2.22
two numpy arrays into an array of pairwise arrays +0.05
return values from xml in python +0.54
Python KS test - why is the P Value so large 0.00
PySpark: inconsistency in converting timestamp to integer in datafr... 0.00
How would I normalize dates in a csv file? python +1.99
Is there a better way to produce a membership matrix (one-hot array... +1.24
How to extract work hours from two datatimes 0.00
Pattern in a set of words and group them +1.99
xml sentences from paragraph with python +0.04
Spark - calculate the sum of features for each sample -0.41
TF-IDF Weighting after NLTK pre-processing 0.00
pyspark convert transactions into a list of list 0.00
How to associate unique id with text in word counting with spark +0.30
Optimize groupby aggregation pandas -1.19
python numpy - improve efficiency on column-wise cosine similarity 0.00
scikit learn train_test_split with 2 features 0.00
Clustering Python source code 0.00
PySpark counting rows that contain string +0.37
Extract month name from raw string? -0.42
Pyspark using withColumn to add a derived column to a dataframe +4.44
Combining values as dictionaries in pyspark -3.63
Pandas to_json turning index into string +6.44
Sorting a list with two different types in Python +0.46
How to remove item in list in list with list comprehension -1.74
Find eigenvectors with specific eigenvalue of sparse matrix in python 0.00
Adding new vectors to a numpy ndarray -1.52
Fast splitting of array on column indices from each row of sparse a... -0.76
Groupby certain number of rows pandas -3.41
Concatenate many 1xn arrays using Python -1.77
spaCy Documentation for [ orth , pos , tag, lema and text ] -3.81
Find first matching pair within dataframe and flag both -2.43
Tokenization and dtMatrix in python with nltk 0.00
Compute nGrams across a list of lists of sentences using nltk +0.24
I am doing a filter and count on the pyspark dataframe to... 0.00