An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1458.55 (4,529,492nd)
5,059 (32,798th)
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Title Δ
How to fix Mocha global symbols for TypeScript in IntelliJ IDEA? 0.00
How to make ClickHouse count() function return 0 in case of zero ma... +0.04
How to exclude subtree in Neo4j? 0.00
GridGain. Local node's library list differs from remote node's, lev... 0.00
spring i18n LocaleResolver getLocale 0.00
c++ breaking out of loop by key press at any time +0.05
Inject bean into enum +0.04
How to setup log level in Winston/Node.js? 0.00
GridGain MapReduce clarity needed in function G.grid().reduce() +0.06
Oracle Apex javascript Issue +0.86
How to return a pointer that uses a custom constructor +0.06
How do i add remote nodes to the gridgain? +0.56
Setting beans properties in spring framework 0.00
Maven Dependencies in SpringSource Tool Suite -1.13
maven pom's resource element +0.02
Java client server program using tcp/ip +0.20
Code for Ant not Running in Maven -3.63
Error With c Macro expansion -2.09
Can I use tagit with twitter bootstrap? -3.71
Why isn't my spring component accessible to the WebApplicationConte... -1.96
maven surefire test plugin runs tests even if they are excluded: 0.00
Maven project cannot locate dependencies in local repository +4.62
auto restart batch files +2.92
redis-py watch hash key 0.00
How to check type of List of Users returned from Query object in Hi... -3.60
Reading a huge Zip file in java - Out of Memory Error -1.02
Waiting for an event in Java - how hard is it? +2.02
make: Nothing to be done for `all' +4.40
Spring + Hibernate: transaction commits but data is not persisted +0.73
Minimum team size & project duration (in Man-hours) for Scrum? -1.48
OpenID based login mechanism for website 0.00
How to use a jobject array ? (Jni) 0.00
Any issues migrating from JDK6 to JDK7 with Spring & Tomcat? 0.00
How to check if user has right in spring security? 0.00
g++ undefined reference in very simple example -0.77
Maven properties in multi-module project are reset to default 0.00
Enumeration type with some same values -2.32
how to install on an old ubuntu release a higher version of a packa... +4.06
why the comparision of two strings in utf8 is not correct? -3.60
What are the efficiency implications of using BufferedReader? -3.03
Red5: how to enable RTMPT? 0.00
EasyMock/Guice style api -4.14
Is there any Java flyweight pattern implementation out there? +2.94
How to export a C++ class from a dll? +0.40
Is it possible to write plugin for eclipse other than Java, in Ecli... -2.91
Distributing scripts using autotools -3.08
Is it possible to auto generate annotated-mapped POJO classes using... +1.36
Javascript: convert form to static -1.28
Problem while setting jad with Eclipse Helios -3.73
Auto repeat with Flowplayer or how to pass callbacks as strings in... 0.00