An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1495.39 (4,260,772nd)
8,854 (17,565th)
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Title Δ
What setting is causing VS Code to mess up code formatting when I p... 0.00
Prevent sending form with JavaScript -0.70
How to check if a value exists in a select box using vanilla JS? +1.82
Changed WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) when develop... 0.00
A href"#" data-toggle anchor goes to the top -0.01
Hide wordpress page completely +0.01
Php Filter an array by array 0.00
How to call echo inside URL include? +1.16 and then submit a post request 0.00
How to make an online weather forecast on Open Weather Map? 0.00
Vue ajax request isn't updating data -0.48
CSS is only displayed when is put inside <style> tag 0.00
Vue.js - Get data from modal and save to array 0.00
Search using PHP PDO +0.00
Implement styles from a span tag now that it's contents are in... 0.00
Best way to modify a property in all elements of a nested array of... +0.86
Unexpected distortion in flex-box 0.00
how to concat to array object without creating a new obj? -1.14
How to run a function through my plugin page and print the result o... +2.01
How to have a button that sorts and another button that reverses th... 0.00
Error with adding an attribute in html. How can i do fix it? +0.48
Is there a way to set an expiry date on tracking tags that run on y... +0.31
Why do these checkboxes work in Safari but not Chrome or Firefox? 0.00
Show loader element until page loads, then hide it 0.00
How can I check if vars are equal 0? +0.51
Will a commit on a git branch follow if I do a push from another br... 0.00
Select delete and insert at the same time PHP and SQL Server +0.01
CSS banner not properly accommodating in page +0.24
div with innerhtml and variable +0.50
IF Else with Jquery and input box -0.49
How do I put a p tag under two divs? +2.08
Why does old value not passed to vue component? +0.35
How to Dynamically Add Elements in Vue.JS? 0.00
Add value for DOM nodes in list 0.00
Reload Div when using multiple Rows but keeping element id +0.02
Can't get the real size of the image in HTML with JS +0.01
Filtering an array which controls v-for in Vue app with array.filte... 0.00
Closure compiler command line for jQuery 0.00
Sort WooCommerce Products on shop page by Title 0.00
Unable to add image in the bg with the background-image property-CSS -0.49
Last element of li always change to specific after content +0.50
Hiding divs is only applying to first if statement 0.00
Vue wait for render template and display it +0.51
Vue wait for render template and display it +0.51
Hover over parent element not child +0.70
Chrome Dev Tools is hiding errors and can't figure out where to... -0.48
Make two lines of text the same width regardless of character count +1.52
Trying to get property of non-object Notice in custom avatar functi... -1.96
Circle div hover responsive and aligment issue 0.00
How to load external svg file with <use>? in WordPress? 0.00