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1300.00 (4,191,371st)
11,223 (13,255th)
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I'm running into errors when patching DWM, something about func... 0.00
C - How to pass struct pointer array to a function by reference 0.00
Need help reading from a file and storing the contents into a 2d ar... 0.00
http sending image files (png,jpg) with socket in Linux (C) 0.00
Extract exponent from double as unsigned value 0.00
How to fix the fprintf loop? 0.00
getting spaces while writing a text fileusing file operation in c 0.00
Why is my program suddenly terminating before executing scanf()? 0.00
Can't solve memory management (valgrind) in this c program 0.00
I'm trying to make a menu in C and my code is not working the w... 0.00
Modifying the return address of a function for jumping a line code 0.00
Homework problem, available fields for queen in chess 0.00
Problem with if-else loop in a user-controlled do-while loop 0.00
EXC_BAD_ACCESS Linked Lists in c 0.00
Using two semaphores in one method 0.00
How to skip a comment in c programming with using fopen 0.00
C code compiles but in arduino sketch it doesn't 0.00
How to separate word is .txt. files 0.00
is it possible to struct this file with array member 0.00
i don't quite understand the syntax where it adds the sum of 5... 0.00
Login system using text file in C 0.00
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lioutil in Makefile 0.00
the usage of strtok() in c shows warnings and returns segmentation... 0.00
Eclipse: "make: *** No rule to make target `all'. Stop.&qu... 0.00
Semaphore is acquired only by one process 0.00
sorting an array of pointers by game x boom 0.00
Cant solve a debug error "ValidHeapPointer(Block)" 0.00
Function declaration before and after main() 0.00
Pointer pointing to itself 0.00
Why is this program not printing on my file? 0.00
I can't understand how to set period of PWM signal 0.00
I am writing code for a card game. In my deal cards function the pr... 0.00
Return string instead of int 0.00
How to debug with GDB on RT Linux: fails with SIGTRAP 0.00
Where is C multiplication result put when calling from GNU AS? 0.00
How to add line number to only a specific line in a file 0.00
I have call this function multiple times to sort the elements in my... 0.00
Readers-Writers problem with pthreads resulting in only 1 reader 0.00
Scanning Names and weird Strings: Files 0.00
Discarding the heading line 0.00
Segmentation fault while trying to declare a 5D array in a C Program 0.00
Why joining one thread ends up calling multiple threads? 0.00
Need help printing a sorted file by days 0.00
Connect Keeps Failing With Error 10049 in C 0.00
A menu of Linux commands (e.g ls, ipconfig etc) that forks and uses... 0.00
How to read text from a .txt file and then store it in a record (da... 0.00
Pointer initialization and two pointers pointing to the same address 0.00
How to check if a file is in given directory 0.00
Segmentation fault error while trying to complete E1-19 from the C... 0.00
What is the best IPC method for first process to remain running whi... 0.00