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1322.87 (4,409,296th)
11,223 (13,264th)
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i want to know what this *list pointer is about in this code 0.00
How to store calculation inside a for loop, so every time it is cal... 0.00
Merge sort Linked List giving Segmentation fault 0.00
My Interrupt is not updating my value to my main, how should i set... 0.00
What does exec() do in this program? Does it stop running? 0.00
segmentation fault on malloc initializating 2d-array 0.00
Why does the number 10 get output in each iteration and how can I f... 0.00
Truncate string with realloc() in C? 0.00
Tried returning array string as memory storing dynamically but did... 0.00
GCC/Clang/MSVC extensions for getting C struct member name at compi... 0.00
error: called object is not a function or function pointer. my * sy... 0.00
Failed to dynamically allocate memory based on user's string; r... 0.00
why putchar('\b') not show back space? 0.00
Uninitialized pointer in C is surprisingly working in MinGW 0.00
C dynamic array inproper figures 0.00
Codility Test - Better Answer? 0.00
C-Linker: How divide memory with some memory sections with predefin... 0.00
C: Token system tokenize, but doing if statements fail 0.00
TCP sockets, send files, client server, server doest save a whole f... 0.00
How to define an array of binary numbers in keil uVision? 0.00
Does open(filepath, O_WRONLY|O_EXCL) return a value if filepath exi... 0.00
How do I print out an array of string(array) create by char ** in C? 0.00
VSC, its powershell, and C 0.00
I am unavailable to execute C program in CMD and powershell 0.00
how do i get a lower time complexity with a nested loop 0.00
Which one is a better approach if any? 0.00
Masking the characters of a password in a C program on Linux 0.00
poll(2) not detecting POLLIN on connection with web server 0.00
Segmentation fault in CS50 (2020) recovery program 0.00
CS50 PSET 5 Speller not working properly (and valgrind issues) 0.00
Pointer to pointer in linked list 0.00
When making sepia filter, error message pops up, meaning? C 0.00
Code crushes while attempting to read from a file 0.00
Inserting a node at the end of a singly linked list in C 0.00
How to find the correct port that can be used for talking to qcom m... 0.00
Why is my program leaking memory in C despite using free() at some... 0.00
Read Variable Length String From HDF5 Dataset Using C API 0.00
C Doubly Linked List Deletion 0.00
Counting how many times a number appears in a random array 0.00
Decode base64/UTF-16LE using C 0.00
How to break nested for loop within an if statement and switch to a... 0.00
Reading from a file, C 0.00
Copy Function in C not creating matching Checksums 0.00
Floating point exception (core dumped) in C 0.00
Shellcode in ARM crashes when called by function which is not '... 0.00
third argument of the strncpy changes my local variable 0.00
Merge sort with pointer to pointer array not working 0.00
IPC Queues:- Receiving wrong data 0.00
How can we write multiple structures in a .DAT file using C language? 0.00
Can `snprintf()` read out of bounds when a string argument is not n... 0.00