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1362.01 (4,359,683rd)
58,836 (1,588th)
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Title Δ
Is it a correct way in OOP programming to have a reference to inter... 0.00
Effective type rules with relation to strict aliasing 0.00
Pointer arithmetic on uintptr_t 0.00
How does malloc work with strict aliasing - can it only be violated... -0.69
Why can GCC only do loop interchange optimization when the int size... 0.00
Is a FTDI USB to RS232 better than a real RS232 COM port? 0.00
Is it possible for a programming language to confidently prevent un... -0.90
Is an interrupt a signal, according to the C spec? -0.82
Is it possible to use hashCode as a content unique ID? 0.00
How to force DTOs types to implement a method? 0.00
Why does char 0xA change to 0xD + 0xA characters when writing it in... +0.92
Using static objects from signal handler -0.85
Are the hashcodes returned by the System.identityHashCode method un... -0.23
C unions and undefined behaviour +0.61
For a Linked List containing pointers to structs, is there any rela... +1.94
Pointer aliasing between struct and first member of struct -0.83
Is there a way to find the pre order traversal of a strictly binary... -0.39
Comparing 2 pointers to a struct with a flexible array member 0.00
Preventing Compiler from optimizing code without the use of volatile -1.43
Determining return address of function on ARM Cortex-M series +1.06
unsigned integer wraparound handling in C 0.00
Are std::atomic loads and stores both required? -0.46
Is it legal to allocate only part of a struct? 0.00
Need Clarity on the Implementation Part of the Diamond Problem +1.15
Why does printing a return carriage significantly reduce the rate a... +2.90
va_arg glitches for char +3.01
Copying structs with uninitialized members -0.36
c - Actions that should be undefined are seemingly acting very &quo... +1.43
What counts as a comparison in algorithm analysis? -0.10
MSVC C/C++ compiler undefined behavior warning -0.71
How do I make an infinite empty loop that won't be optimized aw... -0.35
GCC: Should undefined behavior of overflows preserve logical consis... -0.56
Is it undefined behavior to cast from a struct with a flexible arra... -0.56
Is a potential data race a data race? -0.85
Is it UB to cast a pointer to a void pointer and write to it? -0.60
Method to pass double to void * argument -1.00
How to sprintf to write a string without warnings about restrictions? +1.21
Is the explanation of relaxed ordering erroneous in cppreference? +0.58
Why is this usage of setjmp/longjmp undefined behavior? -1.17
Is opening the SAME file in two different fstreams Undefined Behavi... +0.16
How does pointer comparison work in C? Is it ok to compare pointers... -0.07
Restriction on child pointer of a restricted pointer? 0.00
Why does CLR use a two-pass exception model? 0.00
Why is it mandatory to explicitly typecast malloc and calloc in C++? -0.83
Strict aliasing and casting union pointers +0.69
C - Structure and user variables share same memory - possible? +1.18
Using builtin overflow functions with uint64_t types +0.01
How to get float value from uint32_t? -0.07
Signed overflow in C++ and undefined behaviour (UB) -0.27
Why is an "alignment exception" thrown when accessing an... 0.00