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1359.31 (4,536,292nd)
58,836 (1,588th)
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Title Δ
May the compiler optimize out stores though a pointer-to-volatile? 0.00
Comparing while vs do-while loops +1.67
Can I access restricted memory space by pointers +1.93
Why did gcc stop warning about strict aliasing violation from versi... 0.00
Meaning and example of Undefined behaviours related to constant exp... -0.97
Are race conditions that write the same value safe? +1.25
Is using an uninitialized unsigned type object Undefined Behavior? -0.68
Is there any reason, apart from backward compatibility, for which C... +1.45
C - Conversion behavior between two pointers -0.54
Indexing into call stack - Undefined behaviour? -0.84
Is it true that ill-formed program does not always lead to UB (eith... 0.00
GNU C compiler sabotages undefined behaviour -0.76
Is variable declaration cost neglectable on large scale? -0.87
What does uintptr_t have to do with strict aliasing? -0.80
Figure out function parameter count at compile time +0.24
Is safe recursion possible in C? 0.00
Why are gen1/gen2 collections slower than gen0? +1.40
Circular dependency between struct and function in C +0.20
Can nested undefined behavior(s) cancel the (potential) hazard of t... -1.16
Alternative to global arrays in C multithreading environment? +1.08
Is it legal for a pointer to point to a C++ register? -0.30
The difference between malloc and mmap 0.00
What are the semantics of assigning restrict pointer to a non-restr... -0.65
Why is there no compiler error when setting an overridden property... +0.14
If this is undefined behavior then why is it given as a seemingly l... -0.42
In C, why are the first members of a struct frequently "reset&... +1.36
program validity; lifetime and scope of variable defined inside loop -0.43
Float64 bit issue fir dereferencing type-punned pointer will break... -0.77
Can you delete a C-array of 1 integer as you would a normal integer? -1.08
Multiply 2 data 8-bit in z80 simulator assembly, there is an error... +0.69
Out of memory errors in Java API that uses finalizers in order to f... +2.79
Can I tell my compiler to ignore the side effects of a statement or... -0.82
Is it defined in C to access "extra" union space via poin... -0.96
CRC32 hash collision on the same string for any seed +3.04
How does expressions work in one pass compiler? 0.00
Can a designated initializer legally refer to the variable it's... -0.79
Test if all higher bits are set +1.47
Is write guaranteed with one thread writing and another reading non... -1.31
API in C to mimic a function returning an array -0.94
Is pointer arithmetic still well defined after casting with alignme... +0.39
c when would you not want to use strict aliasing? -0.98
What does it mean to have a zero sized array of pointers? 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to use functions with side effects in an u... -0.40
C++ convert pointer from one type to another +0.91
Should volatile still be used for sharing data with ISRs in modern... +1.19
Why is type punning considered UB? -0.72
What's the name of this technique and does it violate strict-al... +1.01
function returns address of local variable, but it still compile in... -0.77
Why overlap in an assignment expression must be exact and the objec... 0.00
Detecting array flattening trick with gcc -0.15