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1357.25 (4,259,989th)
58,836 (1,587th)
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Title Δ
Is comparing two pointers with < undefined behavior if they are... -0.72
using type punning to decompose object into words -0.08
Casting, structs and common initial sequence +0.03
Ramifications of C++20 requiring two's complement -0.37
Does writing to only part of a dynamically allocated memory block s... +0.69
Can't compile C89 with array of pointers -0.77
Casting a pointer to uint64_t +0.70
Is ((size_t *)(vec))[-1] a violation of strict-aliasing? -0.96
How does binary I/O of POD types not break the aliasing rules? -0.46
using bit shifting variables inside if statement - error or not +2.92
Does struct have default constructor? -0.30
Pass multidimensional array to extern "C" function as voi... +3.04
What is compiler diagnostic? +0.29
Why does modern C++ still retain the old C style prototype for main... -1.40
Undefined length of character arrays +2.72
What do "single-entry" and "single-exit" mean f... 0.00
Get warning for left shifting a negative number -0.85
Does this program with bounded recursion have undefined behavior? -0.94
Understanding the as-if rule, "the program was executed as wri... -0.80
How can I implement a fast copying function like memcpy()? -0.24
Why we can't use dot for new created pointers to structs +0.12
How do I organize members in a struct to waste the least space on a... +0.01
Why does this function call behave sensibly after calling it throug... -0.60
What is the calling convention that clang uses? -0.80
Is modifying an object through a pointer to const undefined behavior? +1.07
Why do unsigned "small" integers promote to signed int? -0.67
When does UB occur and does it nullify all previously engaged contr... -0.44
Callins specific function depending on macro parameter in C +2.96
C standard regarding pointer arithmetic outside arrays -0.61
Could reinterpret_cast turn an invalid pointer value into a valid o... +0.34
Do pointer casts maintain alignment properties? +0.76
Are two pointers comparing equal converted to an integer type compa... +1.00
How to create a `range`-like iterable object of floats? -0.57
is there an official document that mark read/write function as thre... -0.97
Why does it look like arrays are indexed backways in a c union? -1.45
Infinite loop vs infinite recursion. Are both undefined? -0.71
Is it really needed to implement dispose pattern for managed resour... -0.73
Does the strict-aliasing rules apply across function calls? -0.80
Efficient check of float division by zero for embedded application +0.70
A `dispose pattern` in C#: why do we need `if (disposing)` condition? -1.03
Why isn't function call an lvalue +1.65
Optimization allowed on volatile objects -0.77
does a local variable assignment constitute a side effect? -0.83
How to allocate an array of structs with flexible array members com... -0.57
Do I have to consider preprocessor directives in a control flow gra... +0.19
Why struct and class definitions can repeat over multiple translati... -0.84
Is accessing specific array indexes on a struct using an union unde... -0.99
Referencing a yet-to-be-mentioned function parameter using the new-... -0.62
Aliasing through unions -0.90
Inconsistent strict aliasing rules -0.96