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1357.21 (4,177,643rd)
36,505 (1,508th)
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Title Δ
Why does C# not read human-like emojis? 0.00
Static initialization of a flexible array member +1.05
Unions, aliasing and type-punning in practice: what works and what... -0.30
Uninitialized int variable in C - why is this working? -0.89
Printing the actual negative number stored inside unsigned int -0.73
Interfaces in C -0.97
Can a type which is a union member alias that union? +1.02
Does the Java compiler optimize an unnecessary ternary operator? +0.44
Pointer arithmetics with two different buffers -0.51
Why use an the address of a variable to multiply another variable? +0.31
When casting a const to a non-const pointer in C++ 2017 and modifyi... -0.04
What is the point of casting long to integer? -0.88
How do I avoid breaking the Liskov substitution principle with a cl... -0.83
Why is this class mutable? -0.90
Using !(x-a) instead of x==a in C +1.79
What is the rationale behind the strict aliasing rule? -1.09
Is there a way to dump all native memory? 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to initialize data before placement new? -0.94
Can unsafe type punning be fixed by marking a variable volatile? +3.15
C free memory on stack -0.98
Does the confliction between declaration and definition cause undef... -0.55
C - moving back the pointer in the file using lseek +3.10
Are compilers allowed to optimize-out realloc? +1.35
Is accessing registers through predefined static addresses undefine... -0.84
When an array is subject to Garbage Collection? -1.07
Can we access a member of a non-existing union? +1.62
Errorchecked heap with malloc() function 0.00
Why is Array Covariance not safe? -0.15
What's the purpose of layout-compatible types? -0.47
Option Strict On disallows late binding in VB6 migrated code +2.52
Multiple structs, same fields that need to be accessed in a method +3.01
How can there be so many register variables, with such a limited nu... -0.40
Can calloc() allocate more than SIZE_MAX in total? -1.05
Does comparing a pointer that has been free'd invoke UB? -0.92
When does an undefined variable throw an Uncaught TypeError instead... -0.53
Why can't I call RemoveAt on an array? -0.30
Why is it invalid for a union type declared in one function to be u... -0.75
When is it not appropriate to use inttypes.h? 0.00
How to indicate absence of aliasing for a struct member? +1.58
Is it OK to pass the address of an int for scanf("%x", ..... 0.00
C# Manual delete object pointer -0.39
What's the meaning of "reserved for any use"? -0.01
What happens if I write less than 12 bytes to a 12 byte buffer? -0.43
Why doesn't strict aliasing rule apply to int* and unsigned*? +0.44
Is the following C union access pattern undefined behavior? -0.91
Embedded Firmware Architecture 0.00
Lifetime of object which has vacuous initialization -0.60
Reordering of access to multiple volatile variables in C +1.01
Does dereferencing void**-casted type** break strict aliasing? 0.00
inline function in different translation units with different compi... 0.00