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1359.93 (4,191,360th)
58,836 (1,583rd)
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Title Δ
Is modifying an object through a pointer to const undefined behavior? 0.00
When does UB occur and does it nullify all previously engaged contr... 0.00
Callins specific function depending on macro parameter in C 0.00
C standard regarding pointer arithmetic outside arrays 0.00
Could reinterpret_cast turn an invalid pointer value into a valid o... 0.00
Do pointer casts maintain alignment properties? 0.00
Are two pointers comparing equal converted to an integer type compa... 0.00
How to create a `range`-like iterable object of floats? 0.00
is there an official document that mark read/write function as thre... 0.00
Why does it look like arrays are indexed backways in a c union? 0.00
Infinite loop vs infinite recursion. Are both undefined? 0.00
Is it really needed to implement dispose pattern for managed resour... 0.00
Does the strict-aliasing rules apply across function calls? 0.00
Efficient check of float division by zero for embedded application 0.00
A `dispose pattern` in C#: why do we need `if (disposing)` condition? 0.00
Why isn't function call an lvalue 0.00
Optimization allowed on volatile objects 0.00
does a local variable assignment constitute a side effect? 0.00
How to allocate an array of structs with flexible array members com... 0.00
Do I have to consider preprocessor directives in a control flow gra... 0.00
Why struct and class definitions can repeat over multiple translati... 0.00
Is accessing specific array indexes on a struct using an union unde... 0.00
Referencing a yet-to-be-mentioned function parameter using the new-... 0.00
Aliasing through unions -0.90
Inconsistent strict aliasing rules -0.96
Is a conformant C11 implementation allowed to compile every functio... 0.00
How to encourage undefined behavior / out-of-order execution in C p... +0.75
Is it possible to allocate structs on the stack with its definition... -0.09
Is an mmap-ed region a "single object" and can I compare... +1.37
Can a pointer to a member of a struct be used to access another mem... +0.02
Is it safe to assert(sizeof(A) == sizeof(B)) when A and B are "... +1.55
Multiple structures in a single malloc invoking undefined behaviour? +0.32
Type punning between integer and array using `union`? -0.91
C - Pupulate (get) data with a function. Best via reference or copy... +2.98
What is a valid pointer in gcc linux x86-64 C++? -0.06
Is `memcpy((void *)dest, src, n)` with a `volatile` array safe? -0.92
In .NET, can you set the GC generation of an object, or otherwise i... -0.92
How is "signed or unsigned type" meant in this C90 undefi... -0.79
When is a pointer expression "based on" another pointer? +1.79
Why does C# not read human-like emojis? 0.00
Static initialization of a flexible array member +1.05
Unions, aliasing and type-punning in practice: what works and what... -0.05
Uninitialized int variable in C - why is this working? -0.89
Printing the actual negative number stored inside unsigned int -0.73
Interfaces in C -0.97
Can a type which is a union member alias that union? +1.02
Does the Java compiler optimize an unnecessary ternary operator? +0.44
Effective types of allocated objects and structs -0.79
Pointer arithmetics with two different buffers -0.52
Why use an the address of a variable to multiply another variable? +0.31