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1357.71 (4,409,287th)
58,836 (1,588th)
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Title Δ
Can a designated initializer legally refer to the variable it's... 0.00
Test if all higher bits are set 0.00
Is write guaranteed with one thread writing and another reading non... 0.00
API in C to mimic a function returning an array 0.00
Is pointer arithmetic still well defined after casting with alignme... 0.00
c when would you not want to use strict aliasing? 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to use functions with side effects in an u... 0.00
C++ convert pointer from one type to another 0.00
Should volatile still be used for sharing data with ISRs in modern... 0.00
Why is type punning considered UB? 0.00
What's the name of this technique and does it violate strict-al... 0.00
function returns address of local variable, but it still compile in... 0.00
Why overlap in an assignment expression must be exact and the objec... 0.00
Detecting array flattening trick with gcc 0.00
Comparing struct pointers, casting away members, and UB 0.00
When and how are VLAs evaluated in sizeof expressions? 0.00
Why is there an ambiguous method call between long, float and decim... 0.00
UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer on my CS50 Blur Filter 0.00
Program should crash but it doesn't 0.00
Why `gets_s()` still isn't implemented in GCC (9.3.0)? 0.00
Stdint.h in ANSI C (C89) 0.00
compile time conditions in if statements 0.00
What's the difference between a double pointer and a function w... 0.00
Why do we need ABI and calling conventions 0.00
Is it safe to assume that realloc()ing to a smaller size will alway... 0.00
where downcasting is actually useful? 0.00
Compund literals storage duration in C 0.00
Integer overflow wrapping and calculation 0.00
Is it valid to pass the address of a non-array variable to a functi... -0.28
Allowing struct field to overflow to the next field -0.75
Why is getchar() in C printing characters? +0.76
A way around computing the size of different arrays passed to the f... +3.09
Why do compilers construct a graph in register allocation? +0.66
Why are multiplications by constant signed integer fractions not op... 0.00
Why is the reference of structs with similar first members allowed... +0.05
How are constant struct members handled in C? -1.08
How atomic Operations work and how thread can't be preempted. I... 0.00
How do I make a conversion from scientific notation more precise? +0.68
Is it undefined behavior to "trash" a return value by cas... -0.66
Is using std::memcpy on a whole union guaranteed to preserve the ac... -1.01
Is accessing an element of a multidimensional array out of bounds u... -0.99
Are C standard library functions thread-safe in absence of C11 thre... +0.16
Unexpected output in converting from long in C to long in C++ in VS? +0.02
How do I get a volatile function argument working? -0.73
Is it possible to use the generic "in" and "out"... +1.47
Printf for float in c 0.00
How a program in 16 bit system can access integers more than 65535... -1.15
Access an array from the end in C? +0.07
Why does Java allow an interface to extend another interface both d... 0.00
Can two structs in C99/C11 alias? -1.15