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1355.73 (4,280,000th)
58,836 (1,588th)
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Title Δ
GCC: Should undefined behavior of overflows preserve logical consis... 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to cast from a struct with a flexible arra... 0.00
Is a potential data race a data race? 0.00
Is it UB to cast a pointer to a void pointer and write to it? 0.00
Method to pass double to void * argument 0.00
How to sprintf to write a string without warnings about restrictions? 0.00
Is the explanation of relaxed ordering erroneous in cppreference? 0.00
Why is this usage of setjmp/longjmp undefined behavior? 0.00
Is opening the SAME file in two different fstreams Undefined Behavi... 0.00
How does pointer comparison work in C? Is it ok to compare pointers... 0.00
Restriction on child pointer of a restricted pointer? 0.00
Why does CLR use a two-pass exception model? 0.00
Why is it mandatory to explicitly typecast malloc and calloc in C++? 0.00
Strict aliasing and casting union pointers 0.00
C - Structure and user variables share same memory - possible? 0.00
How to get float value from uint32_t? 0.00
Signed overflow in C++ and undefined behaviour (UB) 0.00
Why is an "alignment exception" thrown when accessing an... 0.00
Why does iterating a Dictionary's values return in the same ord... 0.00
volatile vs final fields performance 0.00
Purpose of declaring an struct variable inside union 0.00
Can I omit If() statements if they are only used to check a conditi... 0.00
How do you display a negative number in 68000 assembly? 0.00
Why was post-increment and post-decrement not made a language defin... 0.00
Is Dereferencing a Constant Undefined Behavior 0.00
Why is this claimed dereferencing type-punned pointer warning compi... 0.00
If the array has an even number of elements which value becomes the... 0.00
Which languages have "documented undefined behavior"? 0.00
Using uninitialized variable without invoking undefined behavior -0.58
Is type punning via union pointer legal in C? 0.00
Understanding volatile keyword in c++ 0.00
What happens if undefined C++ behaviour meets C defined behaviour? -1.02
How relevant was manual bit-shifting for multiplication and divisio... 0.00
Is this aditional const on extern an UB? -0.16
How does JavaScript split work on Arabic plus English number strings? +0.76
When to use __declspec(noalias)? 0.00
Does the following violates strict aliasing +0.16
Does strict aliasing occur when using void pointer intervening -0.68
Is comparing two pointers with < undefined behavior if they are... -0.72
using type punning to decompose object into words -0.08
Casting, structs and common initial sequence +0.03
Ramifications of C++20 requiring two's complement -0.37
Does writing to only part of a dynamically allocated memory block s... +0.69
Can't compile C89 with array of pointers -0.77
Casting a pointer to uint64_t +0.70
Is ((size_t *)(vec))[-1] a violation of strict-aliasing? -0.96
How does binary I/O of POD types not break the aliasing rules? -0.46
using bit shifting variables inside if statement - error or not +2.92
Does struct have default constructor? -0.30
Pass multidimensional array to extern "C" function as voi... +3.04