An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Muhammad Hasan Khan

1632.59 (793rd)
28,969 (4,267th)
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Title Δ
Get the full name of a nested property and its parents -0.28
Does an abstract class implementing an interface needs to declare i... +0.31
How to get correct answer in for loop -1.29
Match anything under a heading until the next heading - Regex Power... +1.52
Writing a basic Expression Builder -0.52
PullAsync now requires QueryId and results are no longer returning 0.00
Is MobileServiceSQLiteStore.DefineTable<T> necessary on every... 0.00
Does adding a reference in a C# / VisualStudio project import the l... +0.78
Azure Mobile Service - Socket.IO integration 0.00
Azure Mobile Service and 0.00
Regex replace for the string -0.46
LINQ Where(predicate) vs. FirstOrDefault(predicate) 0.00
Avoiding Shotgun Surgery with Database.SetInitializer +1.99
little information needed in PHP -1.00
Limit number of processors used in ThreadPool -1.86
How to create a user on Ubuntu machine from a C# program? 0.00
Tutorials for binding in WPF -0.21
Grabbing only one function call from an included file +0.10
Linq PredicateBuilder multi criteria 0.00
file() VS file_get_contents() which is better? PHP -2.77
get value from a column if the point is higher than a specific amount 0.00
c# compare strings in different language +0.31
How can the session state still be available when the AppFabric is... 0.00
What is the meaning of '@' sign in cshtml? 0.00
php sessions with iis, memcached or ramdisk? 0.00
How to parse data from ViewData +0.29
How to convert ’ to apostrophe in C#? 0.00
LINQ get collection in anonymous type +1.07
Do we really need to hard code DLLs -1.32
can't find main static main method in WCF -0.20
looping though and remixing $var 0.00
bind the button content which textbox has the cursor -0.19
Issue in accessing POST parameters in web api controller in MVC 3 0.00
Why can't I write an implicit operator from a Base class to a Deriv... -0.95
Track the (number of) observers in an Observable? -1.10
How to parse users entered tags with php +0.31
Searching a name by one of many spell options +0.62
For loop in a view -0.56
PHP - Initialize object members with array parameter +0.32
Why preg_match_all forces me to provide the 3rd optional parameter? +0.67
Calling PHP function in itself +0.30
Regex to find specific url type 0.00
php render text on image with preview 0.00
Display Image from Mysql Database is slow how would i increase the... 0.00
Ajax page refresh fails 0.00
Why I am getting ModelState.IsValid = false? 0.00
How to set the authentication in application -0.24
How to evaluate an arithmetical expression given as string +0.99
How to send nonchecked checkbox to post +0.21
How do I add a "OR" operator to this if statement? -0.18