An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.40 (4,329,477th)
12,397 (11,832nd)
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Title Δ
how to move first N bytes from text file to another text file in li... +0.02
Getting paste to output column-wise when input is from a pipe -0.02
CUDA kernel seemingly ignoring "if" statement 0.00
Find a subarray whose sum is divisible by a number K the subarray s... +0.31
How can I set default alignment for variables with arm gcc 0.00
Forcing the compiler to use a certain register for a certain variable 0.00
Store output of system(file) command as a string in C +0.79
Low memory copy throughput Host to Device 0.00
How to generate random numbers with non-repeating digits in Java? -1.24
Finding a malicious script on my webserver with bash +0.04
UNIX Shell scripting (digit based subtraction)? +0.18
what is the fastest algorithm for permutations of three condition? -0.14
bash: grep exact matches based on the first column -0.39
Is it possible to determine if another process has read your memory? 0.00
what wrong with my regular expression +0.15
GCC: avoiding long time linking while using static arrays -1.77
Looking to get started with FPGAs -- speed up? +0.46
why size of this structure is 5 when it should be 4 -0.65
How to improve my prime-number-sum algorithm? +0.39
Distance between 2 hexagons on hexagon grid +0.56
optimize matrix multiplications 0.00
Big-O of division 0.00
Terminal incrementing numbers in Unix +0.51
Looking for a better compression technique -1.43
Return value of recvfrom() in multicast when sender is terminated 0.00
Generate a uniformly random point within an annulus (ring) +0.89
The point of test %eax %eax -0.30
How to compile a bunch of test C++ files at once with a Makefile in... 0.00
Algorithm to generate k-combinations of elements of set with repeti... -0.19
what does this instruction do?:- mov %gs:0x14,%eax -1.33
Bash Output different from command line +0.24
Can I write to hard disk at 1 Gbps? +0.42
Output whole line once for each unique value of a column (Bash) +1.92
Call a function later -0.91
How to generate an unique filename or path? -0.62
How to call a c++ member function from gcc inline arm7 assembly -0.93
Is vector access faster than matrix access? 0.00
Infix to Postfix with function support +0.49
How negative numbers are stored in memory? How to know the bit repr... +0.50
Emacs: by mistake binded M-x to a different function +2.32
sending commands to a terminal from another one 0.00
Hijacking communication between application and network in Linux -0.48
Escape characters in shell -2.35
Is syscall an instruction on x86_64? +2.42
Formula for division of each individual term in a summation +0.00
Space determine for a C program 0.00
NVIDIA NVCC changes compile time constant when using template trait... 0.00
gcc:how to remove undefined symbol that is not used? 0.00
Can I auto-detect which serial port where a specific device is conn... 0.00
Emacs - How can I find the name of a command (for calling M-x <c... +1.28