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1700.65 (151st)
53,559 (1,829th)
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Title Δ
Is it UB to resume a member function coroutine of an object whose l... 0.00
Strange behavior of noexcept specifier in C++14 0.00
What are pros and cons of std::initializer_list and c array []? +1.27
Will consteval functions allow template parameters dependent on fun... +1.83
Template dependent name resolution should not find declarations wit... 0.00
C++ block scope extern declaration linkage, confusing C++ standard... 0.00
Nested class explicit specilization: different compiler behavior 0.00
[[maybe_unused]] on enumerator 0.00
Curiously mutually recurring class definitions 0.00
Declaring a member function with a typedef coming from a metafunction 0.00
Is "int (x), 1;" an ambiguous statement? 0.00
MSVC: unrecognizable template declaration/definition (compiles with... 0.00
if constexpr and requires-expression for ad-hoc concepts checking 0.00
Call to conversion operator instead of converting constructor in c+... 0.00
ADL lookup inside a class (template) member function body 0.00
Is it legal to use a const value captured in a lambda as a template... 0.00
static_cast of member pointer in constexpr context on g++ 0.00
name lookup troubles with fundamental and user defined types 0.00
Russell's paradox in C++ templates 0.00
Is there an rvalue that I can directly take an address of? 0.00
Checking that a template type T is part of a varadic parameter pack... +0.28
Forwards and return type(s) in functional-like reduce function +1.23
The value of a const variable is or is not usable in a constant exp... -1.26
Cannot initialize std::variant with various lambda expressions 0.00
Why does this rvalue reference bind to an lvalue? 0.00
Special behavior for decltype of call operator for incomplete types 0.00
Accessing member type with `if constexpr` inside generic lambda req... 0.00
Unsetting all the formatting flags 0.00
Simultaneous parameter pack expansion error for unused template typ... +0.24
std::bind on a generic lambda - auto type deduction 0.00
How can I apply the [[nodiscard]] attribute to a lambda? 0.00
Iterate over tuple elements with std::apply 0.00
Is there something like std::remove_const_reference in type_traits 0.00
Dereference null is not always UB? 0.00
integral_constants in ternary operator -1.21
`std::complex<T>[n]` and `T[n*2]` type aliasing +1.55
Managing trivial types +0.93
constexpr constructor gives a different result when evaluated at co... 0.00
Lambda capture and parameter with same name - who shadows the other... +1.09
What is the correct result of decltype( (A{}.int_member) )? 0.00
Linkage of function declared as `extern` in block scope according t... 0.00
Are local class rules aligned to c++14 return type deduction? 0.00
Is placement new legally required for putting an int into a char ar... +0.82
Should a using command issue a warning when using a reserved identi... 0.00
decltype deducted result of in-class defined function 0.00
Deleted constructor - MSVC reports an error, Clang doesn't +2.32
Why can't lambda, when cast to function pointer, be used in con... 0.00
overload resolution of template function with auto 0.00
Should the following code compile according to C++ standard? +0.25
Why is this expression being unsigneded? 0.00