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Rating Stats for

Mateen Ulhaq

1488.52 (4,436,911th)
11,529 (12,874th)
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Title Δ
Python best practice for long initialization methods -0.48
How can I override a package source in Nix? 0.00
Get the import name of a module 0.00
torchvision and tensorflow-gpu import error 0.00
Split string by months as delimiters -0.87
Taking in a list as a parameter in Python +1.80
How to get a list with an element removed? +2.61
Is python's builtin sort parallelized? +0.37
What is the correct syntax to return a function in Rust? +0.52
Limits for Spotipy? +2.22
Removing array rows based on certain matches between elements +1.38
Is it helpful to think of git syntax as being backwards? (at least... 0.00
Is there a way to make this code 'normal' +0.04
Find and replace with Regex in Python +0.53
Building a custom array from zeros and a given 1-d array -0.54
trying to reverse the string with "_" fixed at point -1.50
Populating a dictionary from a text file? +0.82
PublishSubject `subscribeOn` behavior 0.00
Stumped on easy numpy problem - append 2D array to 3D array 0.00
Find pairs of consecutive integers in array PYTHON +2.03
How to conditionally modify a list with python -0.30
swap the keys and values in a dictionary by storing the user input... 0.00
Reorder a dictionary based on a list in python +0.53
What does .apply do for a keras layer? Is there a way to omit it or... 0.00
One-hot encode sentence using list of vocabulary +0.03
how to increment a number in vim +1.46
Find cycles in a graph that don't contain smaller cycle within it 0.00
Search for values in dictionaries within dictrionaries 0.00
What's the most performant way of removing elements in a NumPy... +1.03
How to parse efficiently? 0.00
Numpy dot product with 3d array +0.04
Deleting colums of dataFrame where row value is constant for all rows +0.98
LambdaType vs FunctionType -1.41
Filter array of dictionaries based on value +0.35
create a dictionary from two other dictionaries with similarity bet... +1.77
Fetch max value column with row cells condition 0.00
Applying DCT matrix along each axis not giving the desired result 0.00
Inverting a python dictionary +0.36
Does numpy.random.seed() always give the same random number every t... +3.28
How to insert a value in 2D random lists? +0.00
how can I balance these brackets in this recursive function? -0.63
How to flatten a nested dict and use inner values on collision +0.59
Concat multiple lists from a list element for element for the sublist +0.52
How to aggregate weekly data in python 0.00
Search string value from a list with dictionary list values +0.06
Numpy: Sum two 1D arrays to get a 2D array +0.55
Better way than nested for loops to generate all positive slices 0.00
Python3: Sorting a list of tuples by datastamp contained in first e... -1.44
How to parse custom file format to json in Python or to Python dict... 0.00
Convert a sparse matrix to dataframe 0.00