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Harjeet Singh

1490.83 (4,137,285th)
210 (442,265th)
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Title Δ
jQuery push values from unlimited ul levels to JSON +0.11
.focusout() fires twice on second event jQuery +0.48
How to prevent form submission using jquery if validation fails 0.00
Scrolling to anchors unpredictable -1.80
Event on clicking dynamic elements in page -1.79
Jquery validate on accessible multi step form +0.02
enable only two next months in datepicker -2.09
how to hide a particular column in particular row in a grid using j... +0.02
j rendered collection_select outputs HTML <\/option>\n +2.31
Want to disable future date in 'from' date field only in da... -0.54
li indentation not correct when wrapping around +0.07
How to Send bytes array in dataset and read from it -0.00
Image not displaying in C# wpf -3.98
Checkbox is not checking/unchecking inside change event of dropdown... +0.02
Expand and collapse a DIV +4.01
Search option index via option text +3.25
Javascript - Checkbox checked condition +2.84
Aligning an input to a divs center -1.07
Perform actions on DataTemplate's datas when they are completely lo... 0.00
ListView with horizontal wrapped arrangement of items -2.12
Display an image in a DataGrid-Column -2.36
Find the id by class in nested div jquery -2.38
Single DIV refreshed - e.preventDefault(); 0.00
copy table data from one db to another with where condition -0.01
Show query progress +0.08
How can I change footer background color? -0.10
jquery add callback method after redirect to new page 0.00
What is _.defer and _.throttle in JavaScript? -3.96
Form still submitting after preventDefault? -0.16