An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1603.36 (1,607th)
9,645 (15,853rd)
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Title Δ
Greasemonkey Script change value on Class (multiplication) +0.10
How to traverse up to closest element block in jquery? 0.00
javaScript startsWith method giving an error +1.26
IE doesn't recognise Javascript Class and breaks -2.20
Javascript Date | Set date to the last second of year -0.26
Show and Hide Div With Matching Class Name On Click +0.12
Smooth scrolling to the left +0.36
If section has a link inside it, wrap the content of the section in... 0.00
jQuery append() each loop -0.71
Keep only selected keys in every object from array +0.79
replacing a characters within a string using regex 0.00
Javascript/Jquery 3.3 conversion function from non strict to strict... 0.00
Array filter doesn't respect condition properly 0.00
ServiceWorker doesn't update the cache 0.00
Less loop to increment padding in UL > LI > A +0.36
Renaming a function with args without rewriting them - Javascript -0.19
Typescript convert date to string like this "20140127T224000Z&... +1.66
Every 1 second increase the value with a random number using decima... -0.66
Removing three dots after or before a newline -0.43
delete parent of an element with a class name +1.28
How can I convert an array of strings to an array of objects in Jav... -0.12
Send only key value when using find method on a json array in JS +0.96
How is () => {...} different from () => +1.00
Object.hasOwnProperty multiple levels without error 0.00
Validation Email with Checkbox 0.00
javascript image animation blink between two images 0.00
How to execute function sequentially or synchronously +0.66
Changing path class by reading data from json +0.37
Delete a table row if its unchecked jquery +2.09
Conditional splitting in Javascript +2.10
How to fill the missing months in an array with zero? -1.85
Return dynamic string concatenated with jQuery +1.35
javascript get non matching data from two array objects matching co... 0.00
turning 3 into 1000, 2 into 100 - getFixedDecimalValue function -0.79
jQuery set different date on many inputs based on the nearest input... 0.00
Add a prefix to all the element of an array of strings using javasc... -0.80
Putting data from a variable into <li> using data separated b... -0.62
javascript selection text change font size code editor -0.58
Loop through several check boxes and update inputs on results -1.94
Why does 3 > 2 > 1 return false while 1 < 2 < 3 returns... +0.97
Restrict user input in HTML +0.36
Retrieve child nodes info using Jquery based on condition -1.78
How can I prevent my blur event form over ridding my click event? +1.16
Targetting the last element that has a tabindex attribute? +1.97
jQuery is() or has() on multiple elements +0.96
How to ignore a match based on a word if it appears before the match 0.00
simultaneously check and uncheck checkboxes +0.37
Regular expression to normalise swedish currencies +1.73
Javascript array.filter by element in children +1.79
Negative lookbehind for all `{{` not preceded by `<em>` -0.67