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Jens Gustedt

1561.35 (5,367th)
66,590 (1,323rd)
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Title Δ
How to efficiently work with complex numbers in C language? 0.00
Static storage duration for a string +0.32
Creating and returning multi-dimensional arrays -0.00
Rules of main() function when running at non-startup are the same a... +2.08
C preprocessor: does this code lead to well-defined behavior? -1.51
variable sized object may not be initialized even after using const... +0.14
Block scope and internal linkage? 0.00
Sharing mutexes stored on the main thread's stack with a child... 0.00
C: Creating a static array with variable dependent on runtime funct... 0.00
Why does stdatomic.h contain atomic_uint_least16_t and atomic_uint_... 0.00
What happens with address of operator for variables that the compil... +2.01
Argv and argc in C -0.11
I am getting weird output, when converting void* to char* 0.00
C code executing conditional exp. altough cond. exp. is wrong +1.77
Why still lists C11 as the latest version of C? +2.00
Is there a C snippet that computes overflow-safe addition efficient... +1.62
Strange parsing behavior _Atomic with templates +0.43
Making data reads/writes atomic in C11 GCC using <stdatomic.h>? +1.50
int main = 0, is compiled but crashed -1.40
Why is the format in printf_s (Annex K) marked as restrict? 0.00
How come that in C declaring a variable between a function name and... +0.78
Bit-field types in GCC vs C11 standard +0.02
Difference between "thread local storage" and "threa... 0.00
Atomic structure in C? 0.00
Why are the documents from the C Standard working group password pr... +0.42
Understanding release sequence and synchronize with in C11 0.00
How to determine the order of function calls in a logic expression -1.67
Padding size of struct -1.61
Handling size_t in a generic selection -1.96
Case variadic macro in C -1.70
C free does not work inside nested mallocs and a realloc +2.48
What is the meaning of "producing negative zeroes" in a s... +2.66
Type punning between integer and array using `union`? +1.61
Can I apply the C11 `_Atomic` keyword to enum types? +2.26
Changing the size of 1D and 2D variable length array -1.30
Definition of "atomic object" -1.81
which type does pthread_create need on the third argument -1.13
Using _Generic type in C for function overloading in a nested struc... -1.29
What are the contains of the extended memory obtained using realloc? -1.45
What is the purpose of composite types in C? 0.00
Not a Structure or Union 0.00
Is cast of pointer to anonymous union valid in C11? -1.14
Storage layout of C objects 0.00
Atomicness for a global variable shared by threads 0.00
Does giving data an effective type count as a side-effect? +0.93
C++11 complex<float>* to C float complex* -0.10
Bitwise expression to clear low byte of a constant -0.45
Purpose of atomic structures +0.94
What is drand48() default seed in C? 0.00
Mapped file doesn't take memory on read, but does on write 0.00