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Cody Gray

1707.83 (117th)
200,537 (232nd)
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Title Δ
Automatically open Office documents on a Sharepoint Server 2013 in... 0.00
What is the fastest method to lookup pixel RGB data in C++? 0.00
Why SHL to "move" 2 bytes in 8086? +0.23
Getting the screen pixels as byte array 0.00
Call a Snowflake Stored Procedure in Dell Boomi 0.00
Does WINE implement "_printf" and similar functions in MS... +0.23
How do I get a HANDLE to the containing directory from a file HANDLE? 0.00
How remove NAN from C++ vector? +1.35
Check if computer is in safe mode C# 0.00
What is the C/C++ equivalent for this assembly code? 0.00
Command to perform right click operation on executable file and cho... 0.00
Disable code style for block in Visual Studio 2017 0.00
How do I plot a FFT graph from data in a .txt file? 0.00
Is there a branchless method to quickly find the min/max of two dou... 0.00
std::set_terminate for DLL? 0.00
Why the MyRegisterClass() function is necessary in WIN32 projects? 0.00
How do I perform modulus on ARM7? 0.00
Passing Thread ID to SetWindowsHookEx 0.00
How to put a value from a variable to a register? 0.00
C++ GUI button stuck to the bottom 0.00
Assembly: How to alter this code to ask for user input 0.00
How to choose icon color depth with LoadImage? 0.00
What is the meaning/use of the MOVZX, CDQE instructions in this cod... 0.00
Data copied from a row in ListView1 is not appearing in ListView2 0.00
how to remove a specific string from a label +0.86
Using {} as a default argument parameter type 0.00
Overload resolution of template methods with ref-qualifiers -2.75
Which Visual Studio component contain the MSVC Hostx files? 0.00
Getting error C2440 when trying SqlConnection 0.00
Position the window on larger monitor 0.00
Problems with a median value function C++ 0.00
In MSVC, why do InterlockedOr and InterlockedAnd generate a loop in... 0.00
Is there a WinAPI message when a Windows UAC prompt is triggered? 0.00
Fastest way to compare a double to exact 0 while both +0.0 or -0.0... -0.02
How to get drive name from drive letter? 0.00
Why is the garbage location in the heap in C++ not designed as can... 0.00
Combine Debug with Release for C++ .lib in Visual Studio +0.23
MSVC Inline ASM to GCC 0.00
which command prompt of Visual Studio I shall use? 0.00
Windows cursor size bigger than maximum available +0.23
VS Code: can't compile c# 0.00
Display Bitmap that is stored in window dc 0.00
Windows gui C build system in sublime text 0.00
Unexpected behavior for ternary operator in C++ +0.84
How to recover the previous contents of designer.vb file in Visual... 0.00
Running a game written in 8086 assembly on a modern CPU +0.23
Double vs Float80 speed in Swift +1.63
Effects of SHR on the higher byte of a register 0.00
How does a processor without an overflow flag perform signed arithm... 0.00
How do conditional jumps work, based on the values of the flags in... 0.00