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Cody Gray

1707.61 (112th)
200,537 (232nd)
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Title Δ
Why SHL to "move" 2 bytes in 8086? 0.00
Getting the screen pixels as byte array 0.00
Call a Snowflake Stored Procedure in Dell Boomi 0.00
Does WINE implement "_printf" and similar functions in MS... +0.23
How do I get a HANDLE to the containing directory from a file HANDLE? 0.00
How remove NAN from C++ vector? +1.35
Check if computer is in safe mode C# 0.00
What is the C/C++ equivalent for this assembly code? 0.00
Command to perform right click operation on executable file and cho... 0.00
Disable code style for block in Visual Studio 2017 0.00
How do I plot a FFT graph from data in a .txt file? 0.00
Is there a branchless method to quickly find the min/max of two dou... 0.00
std::set_terminate for DLL? 0.00
Why the MyRegisterClass() function is necessary in WIN32 projects? 0.00
How do I perform modulus on ARM7? 0.00
Passing Thread ID to SetWindowsHookEx 0.00
How to put a value from a variable to a register? 0.00
C++ GUI button stuck to the bottom 0.00
Assembly: How to alter this code to ask for user input 0.00
How to choose icon color depth with LoadImage? 0.00
What is the meaning/use of the MOVZX, CDQE instructions in this cod... 0.00
Data copied from a row in ListView1 is not appearing in ListView2 0.00
how to remove a specific string from a label +0.86
Using {} as a default argument parameter type 0.00
Overload resolution of template methods with ref-qualifiers -2.75
Which Visual Studio component contain the MSVC Hostx files? 0.00
Getting error C2440 when trying SqlConnection 0.00
Position the window on larger monitor 0.00
Problems with a median value function C++ 0.00
In MSVC, why do InterlockedOr and InterlockedAnd generate a loop in... 0.00
Is there a WinAPI message when a Windows UAC prompt is triggered? 0.00
Fastest way to compare a double to exact 0 while both +0.0 or -0.0... -0.02
How to get drive name from drive letter? 0.00
Why is the garbage location in the heap in C++ not designed as can... 0.00
Combine Debug with Release for C++ .lib in Visual Studio +0.23
MSVC Inline ASM to GCC 0.00
which command prompt of Visual Studio I shall use? 0.00
Windows cursor size bigger than maximum available +0.23
VS Code: can't compile c# 0.00
Display Bitmap that is stored in window dc 0.00
Windows gui C build system in sublime text 0.00
Unexpected behavior for ternary operator in C++ +0.84
How to recover the previous contents of designer.vb file in Visual... 0.00
Running a game written in 8086 assembly on a modern CPU +0.23
Double vs Float80 speed in Swift +1.63
Effects of SHR on the higher byte of a register 0.00
How does a processor without an overflow flag perform signed arithm... 0.00
How do conditional jumps work, based on the values of the flags in... 0.00
Why this assemble code occur Segmentation Fault? 0.00
why is register (or numeric representation of register) not present... -1.00