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Cody Gray

1707.92 (103rd)
124,179 (222nd)
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Title Δ
In MSVC, why do InterlockedOr and InterlockedAnd generate a loop in... 0.00
Is there a WinAPI message when a Windows UAC prompt is triggered? 0.00
Fastest way to compare a double to exact 0 while both +0.0 or -0.0... -0.02
How to get drive name from drive letter? 0.00
Why is the garbage location in the heap in C++ not designed as can... 0.00
Combine Debug with Release for C++ .lib in Visual Studio +0.23
MSVC Inline ASM to GCC 0.00
which command prompt of Visual Studio I shall use? 0.00
Windows cursor size bigger than maximum available +0.23
VS Code: can't compile c# 0.00
Display Bitmap that is stored in window dc 0.00
Windows gui C build system in sublime text 0.00
Unexpected behavior for ternary operator in C++ +0.84
How to recover the previous contents of designer.vb file in Visual... 0.00
Running a game written in 8086 assembly on a modern CPU +0.23
Double vs Float80 speed in Swift +1.63
Effects of SHR on the higher byte of a register 0.00
How does a processor without an overflow flag perform signed arithm... 0.00
How do conditional jumps work, based on the values of the flags in... 0.00
Why this assemble code occur Segmentation Fault? 0.00
why is register (or numeric representation of register) not present... -1.00
Simple Assembly Program Fails To Compile In MASM But Works In Onlin... 0.00
Get value of a compare instruction 0.00
How to ensure that one instruction is finished before a second inst... +1.01
Strange issue with my factorial program 0.00
Assembly inline AT&T Type mismatch -0.89
Optimized code in VC++ and ASM +0.26
How many 1-byte NOPs can Skylake execute at one cycle +0.23
Do the variables declared in the section .bss in NASM gets loaded i... 0.00
How to access 2d array in assembly x86 0.00
move instruction from eax to es register gives error +1.19
Trying to shift left by EAX a variable -0.65
How to type memory instructions/opcodes properly for writing/modify... 0.00
Is the following algorithm lock-free? 0.00
Using stack to get parameters/array address for my procedure in ass... 0.00
NASM ASM not being compiled properly? 0.00
Why does this MOVSS instruction use RIP-relative addressing? 0.00
x87 FPU computing e powered x for x float (IEEE 754 standard) 0.00
EQU for non-immediates x86 0.00
Horizontal XOR in AVX +0.26
Arguments to function not getting passed in correctly MASM +0.24
PowerPC GCC Print registers in assembly without % sign +0.24
What is the floating-point (__m256d) version of the non-temporal st... 0.00
glibc time function implementation +0.23
Error addressing memory when using`esp*scale 0.00
The variable name defined in .bss section can not be found in gdb -2.40
Can NASM generate a file with machine code hexdump + asm source? 0.00
intVal3 TBYTE 1234 -- invalid TBYTE variable declaration gone unnot... 0.00
How do I copy a string to another string with inline assembly? -0.27
How does Eigen's vectorisation fallback work? 0.00