An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1567.47 (4,283rd)
24,425 (5,263rd)
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Title Δ
Parse specific string from variable HTML result -0.26
JavaScript use same function for different id's 0.00
find all jquery input fields after the a tag +0.41
How to check if a user came to site by clicking a specific link? 0.00
Pass by reference vs Copy of reference +0.40
JavaScript - multidimensional array needed? +0.37
Not able to print the output as (name + grades) -2.40
Function is undefined, but i had defined it -0.10
Assign javascript array to list of JSON objects with a property name? 0.00
Append single quote (') to a Special Character String using Java -0.86
Javascript collect object values in an array grouped on a property -0.52
filter JSON object based on specific value present inside nested ob... 0.00
What is the difference between those kind of instantiation? +0.01
Why can i parse invalid date string? 0.00
How to avoid event from div below object? 0.00
Merging an array of arrays with a simple array 0.00
find matching words and underline them - but just the words +2.95
Get all directories recursive within directory with nodejs -2.26
JavaScript not removing text when a uppercase letter involved +0.62
For and Foreach loop and return with Set. First recurring number in... +1.06
shifting zeros to end of the array and keeping the non-zero element... -0.86
filtering 2 arrays for unique elements -0.76
Sort an array by element frequency of appearance -0.34
Java Optional and orElse +0.74
input type range with specific numbers -0.55
How to apply condition on jquery blur event listener -0.32
What is the difference between spring-integration and spring-batch... +0.00
How can I get the Element if I am in the function of its EventListe... -1.54
Java Spring error 404 while trying to get JSON from API. Works in p... +0.40
How to delete similar key in different object of an array +0.58
How to merge an array of arrays with duplicate at index 0 into one... -1.76
Best practice to convert list object to list objectDto java +0.40
Find whether all checkbox are checked within a parent div +0.90
How to copy a button text? +0.40
return subarray of object based on object key in array +1.88
Array.filter is returning empty array +0.34
Search nested array of objects and return full parents as results i... -0.99
How to use NumberFormat in Javascript? -1.38
Sort values from Json response in ascending order and display in DOM -0.08
How to get the index of the list active element when there are no ids +0.68
Remove object in nested structure by key +0.63
How to use Scanner to read only one line at a time with integers? -2.24
math difference between 2 key-value objects js +1.52
System.out.println behavior when using String and int together +1.98
How i can remove a element inside this +1.99
Iterate and change all occurrences of given fields in JSON +1.47
How to print a DOUBLE with a variable INT +0.22
String limitation with matches method in java -1.02
group values by price decimal and sum by quantity 0.00
Passing `this` to .keyup() -0.27