An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1637.28 (723rd)
183,335 (272nd)
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Title Δ
Undefine a preprocesser directive that is used in another preproces... +1.41
Signal handler (segv) unable to complete before device crashes 0.00
Google Chrome showing error if I have folder name as "Support&... 0.00
How to test whether an identifier that is accessible only through a... -1.87
Why is lazy evaluation in Haskell "not being lazy"? -1.65
Invalid free() / delete / delete[] / realloc() error in assignment... 0.00
Kprobe/Jprobe in the middle of a function 0.00
How to populate concurrenthashmap from multiple threads? 0.00
Arithmetic on a struct representing a large integer 0.00
double pointer in C and reassigning null pointer 0.00
How to use unix domain socket without creating a socket file 0.00
random returning (g, g) instead of (Double, g)? 0.00
Read an int value using a char pointer and return it -0.66
libevent2 http not detecting client network broken 0.00
Breaking down a ReadProcessMemory function that reads multiple offs... 0.00
How to properly destroy c++ vector of vectors and release memory +0.52
Heap corruption when returning from function inside a dll +1.03
ANSI to Unicode or backward conversion: how is it possible to do? +1.25
Copying structure in C with assignment instead of memcpy() +0.55
Inter-process real memory page read? 0.00
how many combinations needed to decode AES-256 key? 0.00
pthread mutex lock/unlock in while(1) 0.00
Can a single socket be used for full duplex communication in C? 0.00
I wrote a simple factoring program using int. Converting it to BigI... +0.31
Queries on Cross compiling, from Windows to Linux and from Linux to... +1.05
Getting linux kernel debug information after kernel crash -1.36
C++ linked list implementation +1.23
How to avoid function duplication (IO and not-IO versions) -0.67
What goes on behind the curtains during disk I/O? -0.42
How to declare a self referencing template type -1.30
Break a while loop that reads from fifo channel 0.00
warning: [unchecked] unchecked call to add(E) as a member of the ra... +0.32
How commercial games handles on-the-fly font loading? -0.49
Arduino: interrupt expensive function and resume another 0.00
If there are 100 simultaneous doGet() requests to a servlet, will i... -1.18
"Can't open a bfd on stdout" error from gcc 0.00
Is there anyway to get svn commit event without svn hook permission? 0.00
How do I lock a SQLite database? +1.39
Using @Inject in Spring with appserver not compatible with Java EE 6 -0.93
Aptana / Git: How to "forget" unstaged changes 0.00
Global Object Constructor of not explicitly referenced object get d... 0.00
Regex hangs for a pattern match +1.13
How do I move a set of changes from one git repro to another -- the... 0.00
A DLL function must be called on a different thread 0.00
What are good algorithms to keep consistency across multiple files... +0.92
Why read per second (r/s) in linux command (iostat) all the time is... 0.00
Error: could not insert module. Unknown symbol in module 0.00
Using the hrtimer callback function, is it possible to give functio... 0.00
Perforce cannot retrieve data 0.00
Determine if cache is write back or through 0.00