An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.02 (500,891st)
35,281 (3,271st)
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Title Δ
MQTT/MongoDB application performance loss after update 0.00
Kafka Mirror Maker place of execution 0.00
Load balance Kafka record consumption when using topic pattern -1.69
MQTT Retained messages not received when subscribing same topic fro... +0.52
How to clean eclipse cache Neon 0.00
How does the Spring BOM approach to releases and dependencies work? 0.00
Java log4j not working +0.50
Multiple spring dependencies of different versions 0.00
How to import xml file in spring boot app without using "Impor... 0.00
Camunda modular design 0.00
Spring Boot Deployment on Tomcat7 and Log4 issue -0.08
Maven: How to print the current profile on the console? 0.00
Maven pom: soft vs hard version requirement specification 0.00
Maven create runnable jar with both dependencies and external libra... 0.00
Add local lib in pom.xml but not found when running war file 0.00
Maven Only Finds Dependencies That Are Used Before 0.00
Use maven JavaDoc with reasonable doclint parameters -0.51
Maven executable not found 0.00
Can't I use log4j without slf4j? +2.06
Eclipse Dependency is not in pom.xml but still under "Maven De... -0.51
Enable logging in Apache CXF generated client 0.00
Where is the recent Maven repository for Eclipse? -0.01
Log4j pattern, how to represent spaces +0.32
Migrate an ant script to Maven3 -1.96
Log4j2 XML is not getting class path -0.03
What is a "regular file" in Java? -0.96
Spring xml context file not found +0.00
Which version of jdk can i use for building a maven project? -0.00
Why use or not use java 7 to make JAVA EE applications -0.31
Maven not adding jars to classpath 0.00
Multiple log4j.xml in a jar files 0.00
Run a testsuite in multiple environment 0.00
Maven test module -1.34
Error Executing Maven 0.00
Spring Framework does not required sever. Is it true? -0.93
mvn sonar:sonar not generating dashboard data 0.00
How to format a heading in a javadoc comment? +1.97
maven build downloads my projects from remote repository instead of... -0.02
Maven download source codes command line using POM.xml 0.00
Using MAVEN for Staging and Production Builds -0.02
what is the equivalent of "ant -f" command in maven? 0.00
Is there a name for a test that runs code but asserts nothing? 0.00
Using of Log4J in a project +0.01
Read JVM Properties in Maven's pom.xml file -0.54
How to run UnitTests in maven which is in src/test-integration/java... -2.06
In Eclipse using Maven, I would like to have my build directory in... 0.00
What is a reasonable order of Java modifiers (abstract, final, publ... -0.41
How does Maven determine which plugin version to use for plugins us... 0.00
is there a tool to find common dependencies between sibling modules... 0.00
How do I skip a Maven plugin execution if "-DskipTests" o... +1.99