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1563.18 (4,771st)
57,403 (1,657th)
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Title Δ
Python multiprocessing with large objects: prevent copying/serializ... 0.00
regex groups: How to get the desired output with a more specific ma... 0.00
Python: Removing list duplicates based on first 2 inner list values 0.00 expression doesn't work in actual python 0.00
Split Python String by letters and keep deliminators 0.00
Convert a list of lists to dictionary +0.16
RegEx for matching specific URLs +1.78
How to create a graph representing multiple time invervals per day 0.00
Regex pattern + preg_split keep delimiter 0.00
How do i handle [Errno 13] Permission denied in python -0.62
Replacing the dots for a list of abbreviations? +1.59
How to get the first match of regex in python +0.90
Put Json to DynamoDB item 0.00
How can I remove all strings that fit certain format from a list? +1.26
Compiling user defined regex object and searching/matching in Python -1.43
Python regular expression for pattern +1.81
Python - Remove ending of words based on list of endings +0.02
Emoji, encode/decode when text file contain utf-8 and utf-16 -0.39
Regex to Match Multiple Words In Different Order 0.00
Regex, removing duplicate non interrupted strings +0.28
Update dict's value without too many copies of items -2.18
Python regular expression searching float numerical with commas ins... 0.00
How to generate a list of numbers which made from n digit? 0.00
Trouble matching Name Servers in PHP with regular expressions -1.07
How Can i use sleep in threading's function -0.60
Need to understand how look around is used to extract non overlappi... 0.00
Can I use regex named group while using re.sub in python +0.49
How to set up AWS pipeline for data project with multiple users 0.00
How to have a global/common variable in python multiprocessing 0.00
regex to match a string between double quotes only if it doesn'... 0.00
Regular Expression for Arabic words in python 2.7 0.00
Split a string about all dot characters(.) except urls and email ad... -0.60
Python Regex to get string(extension) after special character 0.00
Can regex match Interleaved matches? -2.00
non-capturing parenthesis with lookbehind and lookahead - Python +0.38
How can I replace a string which comes with some pattern and keepin... +0.92
Prevent backtracking on regex to find non-comment lines (not starti... -0.80
notepad++ regex replace each occurence of a character only between... +1.17
Why is this regular expression not returning anything? 0.00
Regex how to match consistent signs? +0.71
Setting regex pattern for mongoengine 0.9.0 StringField 0.00
Find the occurrence of: any one of the substrings (whichever first)... +0.19
Python module import not working -0.09
Capture repeated groups in python regex +2.81
Multiprocessing process intermediate output 0.00
Encoding a string with Python -0.89
Error in hadoop jobs due to hive query error +1.22
Pandas.str.replace Regex Application -2.13
Regular Expression to match word ending with either y or z, but not... +1.11
Python S3 Amazon Code with 'Access Denied' Error -0.59