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1572.94 (3,618th)
19,133 (7,194th)
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Title Δ
What are good alternatives to "using namespace std;"? -2.49
Multi-tier namespace specification in C++ 0.00
How to avoid dynamic cast in polymorphism with derived class of tem... 0.00
Why does this use of std::transform cause exc_bad_access -1.03
Constructor or conversion is called? 0.00
Assure, function runs under lock_guard -0.59
Return index of struct position in vector -2.36
C++ remove string from vector <algorithm> and <functional&... -1.18
Why should I even consider using structs in C++? +1.38
Trying to make a table in c++, having trouble -0.11
Insert a linked list inside another linked list +1.06
Is there a shorthand for std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock(m)? -0.09
SDL2 joystick event not triggering 0.00
C++ template argument deduction is failing with error "candida... 0.00
how to cleanly dispatch virtual calls from non templated parent to... +0.96
Is it enough to declare a function as transaction_safe, so they can... 0.00
Good way to call overloaded const vs non-const method in C++ TDD? +0.39
C++ High Performance File Reading and Writing (C++14) 0.00
If I need to include another header in my header and I plan to use... +1.07
Move operations for a class with a thread as member variable 0.00
literal string declared static in constexpr function 0.00
How to use different static (global) variables in different objects? 0.00
Should a struct be typecasted before memset 0.00
Function parameters: const matching declaration and definition +0.97
Capitalize first letter of string +0.13
Changing int values of nested map using iterator depending on key s... 0.00
Only inherit one time from a class -0.73
Access protected member through friend 0.00
How to find next element in a vector C++ +0.39
Including different versions of the same class +1.96
Should you use duration_cast<>() or not to measure the differ... 0.00
Adding two vectors together +1.04
Why is it not possible to instantiate pair with "non const&quo... -0.08
What is the difference between <chrono> and <ctime>? -0.13
How to count number of integer digits in c++? -1.11
How to create an array of vectors +0.39
Possible swap map elements without copy? +0.70
Number of Words in a file, c++ +2.16
C++ derived class is templated, base is not: how to get type from b... 0.00
Large number of null variables with the total size exceeding the me... -2.25
How is chrono::steady_clock's rep and period types determined? +2.70
Boost ptr_list accessing subclass methods 0.00
Use members of a base class provided as a template parameter withou... -1.33
Interpret a std::string as a std::vector of char_type? +0.16
Properly terminating program. Using exceptions +0.43
Why is this macro replaced as 20 instead 10? +2.23
What is the use of alignof operator? 0.00
How to stop a running parallel thread with C++ on Mac? 0.00
C++ behavior of a default(implicit) copy constructor in a derived c... 0.00
reserving continuous block using malloc +0.06