An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Adam Tuliper - MSFT

1480.35 (4,495,618th)
28,542 (4,363rd)
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Title Δ
How can I run a dotnet application in the background using sudo on... 0.00
Project file is incomplete. Expected imports are missing +0.09
Asp.Net Core MVC - Can I move Identity and DataAccess to class libr... 0.00
Using a Custom UserStore and RoleStore in ASP.NET 5 0.00
Setting up a recurring subscription service for an ASP.NET website 0.00
button onclick function not work propperly in jquery -0.52
Merging Create and Edit ActionResults into one using ASP.NET MVC +0.51
Setting up UserRole management with MVC6 and the new Identity 0.00
ashx - get all the possible items of QueryString 0.00, visual Basic, If-Site navigation 0.00
Auto login for debugging ASP.NET MVC 5 0.00
why the list<> is not populating in this code? 0.00
How to get Control Value Form Control ID C#? 0.00
user details save in identity 0.00
sorting arrows in gridview not working 0.00
Could not load type 'System.Reflection.IntrospectionExtensions&... 0.00
Determining resource requirements to run an application to a system 0.00
How to add a delete link to my table that will delete the record fr... +0.03
Save file to App_Data folder error 0.00
Check if User is Already logged in through window application 0.00
How to get rid of windows title bar in Cordova app +0.01
Windows 10 Feedback Task for my App 0.00
Creating a JSON object in ASP.Net +1.01
How to dynamically display/copy characters being typed in a textbox? 0.00 share values across partial views 0.00
How to display records outside of a form -0.46
How manage order(sequence) of cookie items in mvc? 0.00
How to show image in GridView form database linq 0.00
How to compare this Salted password when user logs in? 0.00
Asp .Net MVC WatiN failing assert 0.00
How to consume a secure Rest MVC web api -0.47
Chrome/Windows: Connection refused when I use my IP address -0.48
Sending Commands to Windows Service 0.00
Sending custom commands to a service using windows form 0.00
Windows universal app Rest API Raspberry Pi 0.00
Add Windows platform to existing Cordova + Ionic app 0.00
The SystemMediaTransportControls were initialized in a different mo... -0.31
List groups that are members of other groups in Active Directory do... 0.00
Opening cmd and waiting user input in cmd and exec commands from java 0.00
.Net Get recent opened item other App (Like in menu bar ) 0.00
Formatting number as thousand using only javascipt -0.68
Windows 10 App - start an other app or a native Windows application... 0.00
Get Text From file C# -0.04
downloading parts of a html page on an event 0.00
Why does Windows 10 start extra threads in my program? -0.73
Adding Microsoft's Emotion API to HTML website 0.00
Automated Installation of DCOM and configuration of its launch sett... 0.00
Visual Studio Typescript to JavaScript 0.00
Tool to run tasks in one of two machines if one is not available +0.03