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1514.33 (43,656th)
464,428 (42nd)
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Title Δ
Create a new column if values match between two column? 0.00
summaryBy and lots of variables 0.00 with options in r to arrange ggplot list 0.00
Delete duplicates within groups? 0.00
Find and selecting duplicates rows and comparing their dates 0.00
Combination Matrix while keeping original matrices 0.00
Efficient accumulated concatenation by group in data frame 0.00
How to convert charater to HH:MM:SS, even if we have more than 24h? 0.00
How to Classify data frame Based on a Columns in R? 0.00
Delete rows with equal and consecutive values 0.00
Arrange a column from a data.frame in ascending or descending order... 0.00
Columns names goes away when using lapply 0.00
How to repetitively divide each column in dataframe A by median of... 0.00
counting days since price change for product 0.00
Is there an R function to extract data from a matrix with associate... 0.00
Conditionally replace value based on multiple other variables 0.00
warning : Some strings failed to parse, or all strings are NAs 0.00
Regex Expression for Multiple Groups 0.00
How to use col_types using readr's read_delim_chunked? 0.00
Remove rows with NAs for matrices in a list 0.00
Expanding from one row to multiple using a date range 0.00
Reshaping Data in R with Reshape 0.00
How to multiply by a constant and then sum across rows 0.00
Convert multiple strings into object references 0.00
read.csv importing two columns instead of one 0.00
Grepl like match to extract specific/exact string in R 0.00
Data.table: Apply function over groups with reference to set value... 0.00
Correlation between variables under the for loop 0.00
How to remove some row in each group and keep first of them? 0.00
Split string with repeated delimiters 0.00
R Drop rows where all columns beginning with a string have NAs 0.00
why am I getting could not find function "%>%" in gapm... 0.00
finding values in a range in r and sum the number of values 0.00
Loop filtering through columns so as to return a list with all colu... 0.00
dplyr rename() function not working. I get "object X not found... 0.00
Is there a generalizable way to pass variable names into functions... 0.00
How can I calculate the frequencies of certain strings in rows of a... 0.00
Multiply each row with whole data table efficiently for large data... 0.00
Create a column with concatenated possible values of one column bas... 0.00
How to get pmax over multiple variables with dplyr? 0.00
How do I remove suffix from a list of Ensembl IDs in R 0.00
How can I remove elements by columns number from a list? 0.00
How to make a new df from subset of values from another df? 0.00
How to sum rows and keep their name in a dataframe 0.00
groupby a dataframe column and merge rows into columns 0.00
Use str_detect to find the ID of the novel Pride and Prejudice 0.00
put left padded zeros inside string 0.00
how to obtain unique key for those with non unique value's in R 0.00
How to convert data type according to a given list 0.00
How to replace a caret with str_replace from stringr 0.00