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1574.78 (3,218th)
430,855 (45th)
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Title Δ
Passing row as an argument to a function in R dplyr mutate 0.00
How to summarize the top 3 highest values in a dataset when there a... 0.00
How to get the length of elements in a character vector in R? 0.00
Question about adding variables into scale items including NAs 0.00
Two-Way Contingency Table with frequencies and percentages 0.00
Different ways of selecting columns inside function resulting in di... 0.00
How do I join a variables in pairs? 0.00
Remove Column if all values are either NA or 0 in r 0.00
How to know the summary of the distance with ends_with selection 0.00
Create new column based on condition from other column per group us... 0.00
Loop for Selecting and Summarising Each Column for Later Permutation 0.00
Removing multiple words from a string using a vector instead of reg... 0.00
How do you convert 2 columns into 2 rows in R? 0.00
How to delete empty data.frame in a list after subsetting in R 0.00
If-else error statement `the condition has length > 1`in R? 0.00
Aggregating data to a variable with NAs 0.00
How to bind multiple data frames with rows named as dates using bin... 0.00
Extract a certain pattern string from the text by R 0.00
Add a column based on the dynamically named columns 0.00
Create from a data frame a df with binary values depending on condi... 0.00
Is it possible to delete some rows in .x of purrr:::iwalk? 0.00
Frequency between couples of words 0.00
Summarise to return the length by group 0.00
Treatment of factors when converting to character in data.table 0.00
Use numbers as column names while grouping them 0.00
Keeping the list element names after subsetting in R 0.00
How to sum up a list of variables in a customized dplyr function? 0.00
Use function sets to group by row values 0.00
How to gather and fill in values over a range 0.00
How to select the smallest subset of numbers from a set which add u... 0.00
How to add the removed space in a sentence? 0.00
How to show multiple test result of the same data.frame in a summar... 0.00
list a number of data.frames for the output of an R function 0.00
R: How to remove the sub table that have duplicates in one column? 0.00
How can I check if any element from a certain column of one array i... 0.00
r: using purrr::safely to handle webscraping failed urls 0.00
Problem with Ruining c-mean clustering on my data in R program 0.00
Temporarily store variable in series of pipes dplyr 0.00
Replacing a special character does not work with gsub 0.00
R data.table How to obtain the VALUE from one of many columns (by c... 0.00
Ignore NA values in filtering with dplyr 0.00
removing for loop with sample function 0.00
How to filter and subset a dataframe based on another dataframe in R 0.00
Numbering generations backwards in time (gen: 0, -1, -2, etc) withi... 0.00
R get row number of the first row that has a string variable in a d... 0.00
ISO 8061 dmy failing to parse after a certain row at change of date 0.00
creating multi rows depend on special conditions 0.00
Iterate over a column and find the sum 0.00
reference another column with tidyeval in filter 0.00
Combining strings when aggregating in R without creating a list of... 0.00