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1574.78 (3,218th)
441,201 (45th)
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Title Δ
Need help calculating ratio of non numeric value in rows in datafra... 0.00
Classification of data in R 0.00
How to add a column with the column-names of the value in the row? 0.00
How do I subset a list with mixed data type and data structure? 0.00
How to use the predict function for linear models stored in tibbles... 0.00
Keep both source .docx filename and comments data when using docxtr... 0.00
Compare value to previous row in for loop 0.00
extract the value of a variable subset whose name is built in a for... 0.00
Normalize specified columns in dplyr by value in first row 0.00
Subsetting data set to only retain the mean 0.00
How to extract unique values of a non-factor column based on its cl... 0.00
Merging two data.frames by two columns each 0.00
Count appearence of elements in String 0.00
Applying Reduce() in loan modeling in R 0.00
Remove string after first number using r regex 0.00
Need help removing time pattern from date in R 0.00
Remove duplicates if an observation appears consecutively, order ma... 0.00
How to grep columns matching a pattern and calculate the row means... 0.00
I want to count every occurrence of a value/character in each row o... 0.00
Mutate columns such that basenames line up together 0.00
how to sum the columns of a weighted dfm in quanteda? 0.00
How to add a sequence of numbers based on the column value? 0.00
Dplyr group_by summarize keep min/max value for each column within... 0.00
How do I add characters to the beginning or end of result of paste0? 0.00
Find multiple strings in entire dataframe 0.00
Reordering columns in large data frame 0.00
How can I get the Time of maximal concentration by `Subject in the... 0.00
How to make a sequence of values in a factorial dataframe? 0.00
R if is True then perform a function not working; the condi... 0.00
Group and summarize data with countif calculation 0.00
A list of dataframes where column variable type to be changed from... 0.00
Order, sort or rank rows by group in dataframe 0.00
How to apply grepl to match values in multiple columns across a dat... 0.00
R language the result will be NA or different after using as.Date 0.00
How can I remove all but certain words from a column with alphanume... 0.00
Median from multiple rows and columns in a data table with grouping 0.00
R array as.Date conversion 0.00
split strings and convert to data frame 0.00
combining ldply to combine multiple csv files AND add column with f... 0.00
How to apply functions sequentially with purrr and pipes 0.00
Conditional replacement of a string in data frame 0.00
Add every three rows of data frame and them multiply the new result... 0.00
passing command line arguments to anova 0.00
What does replacing `vars` attribute by `groups` mean in R with dpl... 0.00
Add a column to a dataframe, skip pasting in rows with - 0.00
Renaming columns excluding a certain set of columns 0.00
Using str_extract to extract dollar amounts 0.00
Using get() inside of mutate() to add columns based on a value from... 0.00
How do you remove an isolated number from a string in R? 0.00
Words including spaces count from a column 0.00