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1579.14 (2,851st)
413,104 (45th)
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Title Δ
Extracting columns having greater than certain values in R dataframe +0.82
Why does [ work but not [[ in mutate while looking up a value (dply... 0.00
R - Adding Data Frame to Matrix 0.00
Mutate multiple variables based on a given condition -2.08
Extract string between the last occurrence of a character and a fix... -1.05
Calculate average sales using criteria from one dataframe and aggre... +0.39
Subset the remaining of a dataframe using another subset 0.00
Unused argument in summarise n() R 0.00
How to bind two columns row-wise of two different data frames? 0.00
R: Melting an data frame and plotting by group -0.29
Pasting values from different columns and different rows into a new... -1.75
R purrr::map/broom::tidy Does Not Print Probability Values for GLM... 0.00
Using mapping when applying a linear model to specified variables 0.00
R dplyr's group_by consider empty groups as well +0.89
Manipulate matrix based on two threshold vectors in R 0.00
extract words in between two commas in R +1.33
Convert character vector of height in inches to cm? +1.62
Create single objects form a table containing them +0.85
Multiply, select and optionally group arbitary variables programmat... 0.00
How to execute sum if selection returns no element in R? 0.00
"longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object leng... -1.11
Add placeholder rows to a list of dataframes -1.60
Using purrr to apply filter and mutate based on another data set +0.03
How to define a sequence in the get function? -0.61
Write the output of a lapply call to a single table 0.00
R: Looping over custom dplyr function 0.00
How to combine multiple character columns into one columns and remo... +1.74
merge tables in R, combine cells if in both +1.64
How to select strings in a nested list from a list of indexes 0.00
Going to wide format by the values in one column in tidyverse 0.00
reformatting dplyr summarise_at() output +1.36
Retrieve matching rows based on partial strings between two data fr... +2.43
How to find indices of change based on two vectors r +0.67
Apply functions in different csv files in R with 0.00
How do you manipulate the output from R's cuminc function 0.00
R: Replace column depending on match of two other columns 0.00
Remove middle 0 in string in R 0.00
Creating a new variable based on the orders of existing variables u... -0.64
How to have all elements of text file processed in R -0.47
How to extract hashtags with gsub +0.43
Keeping duplicates based on specific rows in R in tidyverse 0.00
if cell equal to the cell below then perform an action in R 0.00
Increment dates based on original start date 0.00
R fill a matrix by row using matrix row and colum names -1.59
Mixed input in quasiquotation with dplyr 0.00
How to properly apply RowMeans()? "X is not numeric" error 0.00
Calculation on every pair from grouped data.frame 0.00
Combine dataframes for means and sd's into one dataframe with s... +2.44
r remove elements from list in data frame 0.00
ifelse() function - refer to the following day +0.56