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1491.30 (4,148,988th)
477,815 (40th)
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Title Δ
Collapse all cells in each column to one cell and ignore NA 0.00
I cant get rid of the NA no matter what i try - missing Value where... 0.00
Changing variable from factor to numeric changes the order 0.00
R how get a date from variable in character 0.00
Top_n return both max and min value - R 0.00
Is there an R command to find out if dataframe values can be conver... 0.00
Maintain specific string portions when matching regex 0.00
nesting categorical variable, bootstrap, then extract median in R 0.00
how to use a matrix to extract values from a dataframe? 0.00
R extracting elements from list (coerced from PDF) that has multipl... 0.00
Keep the same ids in different dataframes 0.00
unite returning error 'no applicable method for 'unite_'... 0.00
How to perform many Mann-Whitney tests conditionally based on the v... 0.00
convert individual factors (within rows) into individual columns an... 0.00
Apply as.numeric on a list of data.frames 0.00
Rearranging data frame for a Heat map plot in R 0.00
How to stack data by removing duplicates in R? 0.00
How do I extract the range of values for each row between two vecto... 0.00
Recognize date-time format in R 0.00
Generating demographic tables/frequencies of a large number of spec... 0.00
Widening a data frame by copying values from a conditionally-identi... 0.00
R running several independent one-way ANOVA with post-hoc 0.00
R combining the characters of the first two rows of a data frame 0.00
filter() but keep groups without value 0.00
Sorting data with conditions for multiple columns in R 0.00
How to merge multiple .RData using for loop in R? 0.00
R: how to create a new column in a dataframe where is cardinally co... 0.00
Reshape table for tile plot 0.00
Group and subtract all rows in a dataframe 0.00
Two theoretically identical codes not generating the same output 0.00
Dividing each row of data frames within a list by a corresponding m... 0.00
Index rows by date and include duplicate dates in R 0.00
Appending the row to data.table works differently than in data.fram... 0.00
How to replace values in dataframe between value x and y 0.00
Replacing spread() with pivot_wider() 0.00
Different vector lengths when using NA 0.00
df aggregate and list factors if one column is unique 0.00
Lapply function to list of data.tables by reference silently 0.00
using if within filter_at() 0.00
how to get frequency of a variable for each row in a dataframe(tabl... 0.00
performing mathematical functions across a data_frame 0.00
How to extract the name of a column from a data frame to be used in... 0.00
How to load multiple ".RData" in R and them combine as mc... 0.00
Mutate with apply statement in dplyr chain 0.00
reshaping the data from wide to long 0.00
Is there a way to sum together lists of data frames within a larger... 0.00
R: combining entries of strings of different columns 0.00
How to use the diff function of R on a column of a dataframe condit... 0.00
Syntax error with simple R function (Error: unexpected '}'... 0.00
Change continuous variable into categorical 0.00