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1527.10 (21,478th)
833,306 (14th)
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Title Δ
Common elements by columns in high-dimensional matrix +0.91
Convert a cross-distance matrix from class "Crossdist" to... +1.87
Pairwise comparison of dataframe column entries in r +0.14
Return a list from a list, where every column of every data frame i... -2.17
How to unpack particular list elements into dataframes in R? -1.45
Creating two columns of cumulative sum based on the categories of o... -0.80
Using dplyr to categorize object in two columns of dataframe +0.92
Selecting distinct values of a column with specific values of other... +1.89
How to use 'sum' in R with two conditions without filtering? 0.00
Replace NAs values within a column according to consensus value in... +1.90
(R) Alternate way for row sum, multiple columns with similar name 0.00
Remove duplicated substrings in R 0.00
Populate R matrix from vector based on combined col- and row-name 0.00
Split string in R based on punctuation 0.00
Is there a way to convert a column to a timeseries object of 30 min... 0.00
Pivot_longer() in R without separator? 0.00
Combing two data frames by group with differing number of observati... 0.00
When can mapply's MoreArgs argument not be replaced by R's... +0.46
Pass varying number of inputs to a function as a list in r (applica... 0.00
How to find list of IDs in a text in R 0.00
How to calculate the range using R? +2.03
how to create a new variable in an individual-level data frame base... 0.00
How to combine multiple elements in different levels in a complicat... 0.00
how to add a column to a netsed tibble in R 0.00
Extract word in quotes from string -0.93
Substitute values from one data-frame to another -2.12
In R, Splitting text column by fullstop and mapping to the same I&#... 0.00
Remove rows for each unique identifier based on value of a variable... -0.12
R: Use data frame names for columns after/before applying purrr red... 0.00
equivalent of ave() in tidyverse ecosystem +0.43
dplyr group_by() and slice() within group -0.48
How to combine elements in a complicated list in R? -0.12
Slice long data with specifications in r -0.83
Avoid repeating as_tibble() in dplyr -1.47
Vector of repeated index values -1.49
combine two looping structures to obtain a matrix output -1.51
Turn summarise() output into matrices 0.00
Obtaining basic statistics on multiple variables and multiple groups +2.20
If string has a certain character, fill an empty cell in the same r... 0.00
How do I merge multiple contingency tables into one using R? 0.00
Find mean and SE of different variables 0.00
R: Add 0s to dataframe 0.00
How to use "a set of lags (time differences) to retain" i... 0.00
Split time series data based on months or quarters for comparing me... 0.00
Using by in a function with data.table +1.82
Converting a column in R to type datetime: as.POSIXct returns NA +0.39
Chunk time series dataset in N chunks for comparing means and varia... -0.73
Creating a new column to identify if two columns are identical but... -0.53
How to change a progression of column names in R -1.51
Group by cumulative sums with conditions -0.53