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Russell Borogove

1504.48 (156,943rd)
13,674 (10,509th)
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Title Δ
What is the purpose of an 'if (0)' block in if-else block? +0.49
Is it reasonable to let __init__ member must take self parameter? -0.02
Why can't you compile python? +0.45
How Python have so long integer range? 0.00
Continually blink an LED when a button is pressed on a raspberry pi? +1.97
Where does the python startup text come from -0.34
Binary storage of floating point values (between 0 and 1) using les... -1.57
Floating Point Addition / Multiplication / Division +0.99
Dealing with occational i2c write errors, Python + RaspberryPi +0.50
What use does the new as! operator have? -0.49
Pygame Gravity Script 0.00
why array shows garbage value when only one format specifier used? -0.36
The formula P(n) = (n!)(6^n) in C produces a large value +1.17
'float object not callable in python 0.00
Stopping PCM sample causes click +2.48
"raise" at the end of a python function outside "try... +0.67
What exactly is Python multiprocessing Module's .join() Method... +1.28
Should primitives be centered in a 3d engine? 0.00
sprintf: printing a percent followed by 0-padded hex 0.00
How does Python handle infinite recursion? +0.08
How can a 4GB process run on only 2 GB RAM? +0.15
Access to the struct elements. Is it possible to access like a vect... -0.70
Python - Why is an exception type needed to be put after an 'ex... +0.79
Swift rand() not being random -1.96
What does array[1..-2] mean? +1.42
Python 'pointer arithmetic' - Quicksort +2.02
Assign different variables to different classes +0.51
without return statement function executed succesfully -0.49
Is there anything like a "void lambda" in Python? -1.09
swift case falling through -0.55
Which protocol should I use for pyzmq? -1.93
C++ - Defining 1 Bit Bools 0.00
Can creating too many processes ever *negatively* affect performance? 0.00
Python 3.4 - Remove or ignore emoji characters when writing to file -0.69
What does the instruction LODS DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]? 0.00
Thread stack allocation -0.05
Is Visual Studio emitting erroneous assembly code? 0.00
recursive function paradox in Python.. how can it be explained? -0.22
Using exceptions to return exceptional values: is this good practice? -0.72
A simple "Hello World" needs 10G virtual memory on a 64-b... -0.66
Are functions first class objects in python? -0.21
Modify a function in python without calling it +0.52
How to get N computers in a network to start an activity simultaneo... +1.49
What do "Non-Power-Of-Two Textures" mean? -0.05
Error when calling a file from python -0.16
Pythonic way of retry running a function +0.31
C++ Can programs run out of stack memory even when plenty of memory... +1.28
C Language Increment(I Think) 0.00
python different slashes based upon operating system +0.47
Why does my image have a thick black line around? 0.00