An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1518.26 (34,140th)
6,462 (24,993rd)
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Title Δ
UITableViewCell height is not changing in run time 0.00
What is the relevance of this String format specifier? +0.25
Second Level UITableView not working in SWIFT 0.00
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'RLMException', r... 0.00
swiftUI: Navigate to Home screen after Login Completed. Navigating... 0.00
Width of Single Character of UILabel? +0.22
Swift: test if a non-optional value is nil / not set +1.36
Swift - How go to another UITableViewCell from UITableViewCell? 0.00
How to fetch JSONData in DetailViewController? Swift 0.00
How to get range of charcters between asterisks? +0.10
TimeoutInterval in Alamofire 0.00
Protocol not being executed 0.00
How to sort tableview cells in this use case +0.48
swift: Images in cells -0.88
UITableView checkmark for only selected row 0.00
not able to load data with ViewModel 0.00
Index Out Of Range Error in Xcode +0.37
Stretchy collectionView embedded in a tableviewHeader 0.00
Custom shutter button in cameraOverlayView not executing 0.00
Access to some values from another class in Swift -0.28
How to map different type using ObjectMapper? -0.26
Assigning a value out of array of arrays, using section in Xcode 0.00
Sorting two arrays by the order of one of the arrays [Swift 3.0 - X... -0.61
Swift out of range.... with tableView[indexPath] +1.22
How to filter model array based on specific property -0.26
Is the MVC framework sometimes used as only the user interface laye... -1.92
Referencing IBOutlet in another View Controller -2.19
How to get the round number if use the given rule 0.00
Find index of objects array +0.99
Avoid fetching image again when cell in view -2.19
UITableViewCell subclass or Prototype cell 0.00
Converting Objective-C to Swift 3.1 error with unresolved identifier -0.04
Changing the text in a programatically text field -0.03
Xcode not letting me change navigation bar font? 0.00
A view like the settings view of the iPad 0.00
Make all values of an array negative or change sign -0.31
Incorrect data passed on first click of button +0.47
Swift: '==' is not a prefix unary operator 0.00
Alamofire 4 error request 'extra argument in call' -1.91
Add value in NSArray in Tableview in ios -0.26
When I scroll table view it removed selected items - Objective-c +0.48
How make width cell equal string length? 0.00
Blocks and do-while loop in objective-c 0.00
Alamofire parameters conflict 0.00
Proper way of editing a CocoaPod Library 0.00
Swift 3 CollectionView scaling -0.03
Apple Maps style menu popup -0.53
AlamofireObjectMapper in swift 3 -1.21
passing value from VC1 to VC2 +0.46
How to decide what image resolutions to provide for UIImageViews in... 0.00