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1422.20 (4,408,795th)
47,026 (2,200th)
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Title Δ
In Kotlin, what is the difference between var s: String = "hel... +0.36
How do I count multiple instances of the same value within an array? +0.11
Haskell Maybe Int to Int -0.79
OptionT in Java? Is it possible? -1.31
How you should add new information you get as a program goes on to... 0.00
Anagram method not returning correct value. Doesnt work for large S... +0.20
Anagram method not returning correct value. Doesnt work for large S... +0.20
The product of a matrix and it's transpose matrix 0.00
Printing a word in a diamond format +0.11
How to use stream in java 8 to collect a couple of fields into one... +0.61
Load java class in scala at runtime +0.11
Pattern match(es) are non-exaustive -- How come my "otherwise&... -0.26
How to destructure a string into first, middle, and last? +0.61
Haskell Couldn't match expected type ‘Double’ with actual type... 0.00
Why does this compile? Type erasure 0.00
Overloading a function with a data type in Haskell +0.62
Calling the corresponding method based on the generic type interface -0.42
How to write a json file which contains two arraylists<String> +0.59
Haskell even number iteration +2.55
Can a Tree have different generic types in nodes. +0.12
Scala Sequence to a Sequence of Sequence +1.15
Finding Mersenne primes with Lucas–Lehmer primality test 0.00
Error occured while using java foreach statements -0.28
Is there a global variable in Java for the length of day? +0.15
Java switch/case method recomended length -0.42
Passing Seq[String] to superclass +3.14
Haskell: How do I use the Maybe type in recursive functions? 0.00
Java syntax: switch case as variable? +1.02
How to enforce that a collection of objects are instances of the sa... -0.30
Reading an InputStream in Java -1.23
Getters and Setters using returned data -1.73
Java Loop and If else statments not completing +0.33
How to put class dynamically in <> -0.66
How to sort an array list of different object types using Comparabl... -0.24
FizzBuzz using Methods in Java -0.68
How do I create a TreeMap to store a keyword with its count and it&... +0.62
Scala: How to insert SubClass instead of Superclass in Map declared... 0.00
Why I can't access array element? +0.33
Under what circumstances should I return an Iterable or Collection,... -0.38
How do I calculate the product of the difference of consecutive pai... -1.27
Scala: find all chains in a list -0.99
Different fibonacci implementation in Haskell using lists +0.31
Implicit class can't apply to self-type? 0.00
Interface derivation in Java +0.77
Haskell: Create a list of tuples from a tuple with a static element... +0.23
Haskell: Output list of tuples as string output -1.18
How to Search through a list of Integers in Haskell 0.00
Apply a function to every second element in a list -0.64
Procedural/imperative programming - Algorithm +0.20
List Comprehension to Recursion [Haskell] -1.23