An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.34 (40,620th)
26,510 (4,806th)
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Title Δ
Code Behind WPF - How to access or pass UI elements into event hand... -0.36
UWP C# How to Write to Event Log -0.03
Config file in C# with a simple syntax? +1.08
WPF app - not clickable anymore +1.95
Json passing multiple objects 0.00
Get image dimensions directly from an URL C# 0.00
WriteTextAsync not writing to file 0.00
Examining the Windows Store apps AppxManifest at Runtime 0.00
Is it ever okay to not use an ELSE statement if you have a return o... +1.29
params parameter and normal parameters -0.87
Do I have to individually center every element inside a Grid? 0.00
I have a XML tag that I am submitting I need to only show half of t... -0.02
Multiple choice enum -0.90
Listbox with data source REFUSES to select certain values c# -0.02
Show stub image in listbox until image is completely loaded 0.00
Removing the path from a GetFiles return +0.77
how to run periodic tasks every 5 minutes or more frequently in win... -0.01
WP8/VS2013 MediaLibrary Songs collection is empty -0.52
Universal Apps MessageBox: "The name 'MessageBox' does not exi... 0.00
API Mail App event APIs -0.04
Unlock the screen on a WP8 device programmatically? 0.00
How to use a set accessor of one property to set another property t... 0.00
Unable to bind ComboBox SelectedValue property with object property +0.35
How to Read a List<>? Windows Phone 8 0.00
Fastest algorithm to compare two collections or list +2.11
Get type of device inserted to windows 8 pc via USB port 0.00
Windows Store Apps: my app terminates after being switched 0.00
Windows phone background agent ShellTile cant be added 0.00
Disabling Start hardware button on windows 8 Phone -0.30
How to Save Image with Custom Name +0.00
Wp8 How do I navigate to another project page -0.09
Buttons not resizing correctly in Landscape mode (Windows Phone 8) 0.00
set position to "Count" in Flip Tile (live tile) for WP8 0.00
First 1,000 numbers in the arithmetic sequence 1, 4, 7, 10 +0.48
How to close an application or modal dialog via the taskbar when th... +1.38
ScrollViewer XAML : MouseWheel Not Working +0.49
Windows Phone emulator can't connect to the internet 0.00
How to select an item from a listbox in windows phone? +0.45
Windows Phone Background Application Service +0.48
Windows Phone Back button and page instance creation -0.03
Image Name binding not working 0.00
Trouble adding data in list in windows phone +0.50
Setting other properties when property is set +0.53
Speech recognition api in a background agents on Windows Phone 8 +0.11
How to Make Windows Phone 7 Panorama Page look like Windows Phone 8... 0.00
Getting a control's information +0.24
How to avoid MessageDialog in Page Navigation 0.00
Override back button windows phone 7 +0.49
WPF textblock binding in XAML +1.40
Interpreting a JSON structure in my c# example +1.11