An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.43 (83,774th)
1,265 (126,704th)
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Title Δ
How to do iterated moves of items in an array in Swift -1.78
How to add .fontWeight as part of a ViewModifer in SwiftUI -1.98
How can I change a SwiftUI Color to UIColor? 0.00
Views compressed by other views in SwiftUI VStack and List 0.00
How to add year and month in count down Timer Objective C -4.17
Calling dispatch_get_main_queue() not needed with Parse SDK right? 0.00
Best way to fetch child and parent objects with Parse Server in iOS +3.92
Using same UIActivityIndicatorView in many view controllers -1.24
Use NSPredicate to filter by index 0.00
Objective-C @available guard AND'ed with more conditions 0.00
iOS 11, Xcode 9 Error: NSURLConnection finished with error - code -... +3.84
Accounts disappearing in Xcode 9 0.00
Applescript within automator to output a specified sentence, 0.00
Make Applescript Editor record keys that were press +4.25
key down command doesn't work with regular keys 0.00
How to write the Automator/Applescript Service for "Selected T... +3.98
osx - Permission denied (126) using AppleScript with Administrator... 0.00
Action buttons applescript functions +4.15
How to set text on uiimage center? +2.69
Find difference between tables where values differ -3.36
Conflicting return type in implementation of 'supportedInterfac... -4.01
Name order habit in iOS about NSLocale -2.09
Get PDF document height in iOS WebView +2.82
Which method is called when tab bar presents new view controller vi... 0.00
json to nsmutablearray in objective-C -4.07
I am getting garbage values while running this code in Xcode using... +4.21
UITableView freezes when calling reloadData very often 0.00
How to stop UITableView from update contentSize -0.00
How to set UI Elements Enabled to true in Applescript? +0.05
iPhone Simulator is running the wrong code -0.04
"The file '' couldn't be opened be... 0.00
UITabBarController tab images and titles are not set until I tap them 0.00
Translate Time Zone Names to Time ID:s in Xcode +4.39
How do I make screenshot of Xcode storyboard? -3.14
How to clean the content of UIWebView without loading an empty page? 0.00
Multiple UIActionSheets open at one time 0.00