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1607.31 (1,451st)
40,617 (2,728th)
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Title Δ
Does vector<atomic_bool> involves coalescing vector elements? 0.00
Precedence of 'or' and 'and' operators in C +1.41
std::map - adding element using subscript operator Vs insert method -1.09
Can I force std::vector to leave a memory leak? +1.31
in a for loop, does the variable used in the condition get checked... +1.29
incorrect variable value after bit shift and addition in c 0.00
Why don't we need objects to store string data? -0.13
Why do we have to link pthread when we use <thread> of C++11? 0.00
Time complexity n^2 +2.03
Why is vector faster than unordered_map? -2.19
LinkedList prints same values -1.99
Syntax logic behind ++ with respect to references and as a return v... -0.61
Add char to a String and delete the char array +0.56
Why does std:endl assign zero to an unitialized variable? -0.51
Why has Clang decided to allow designated initializers in C++? 0.00
Increment variable by N inside array index +0.34
What is the following list of behind the scenes inside the range-ba... +1.93
Dumping a INT32 array into a .bin file +0.35
How to fix error ininitialize vector of struct 0.00
How to initialize a std::array with a size derived from an input ar... -0.71
How many times do new [] and delete[] make calls to allocate and de... +0.66
Why so many custom data types in C? +0.35
Why does std::vector use std::allocator instead of operator new and... 0.00
what is the difference between ++, add operation and fetch_add() in... -0.80
Why lambda slows down sorting 0.00
Can a find() on an empty unordered_map lead to an access violation? +1.47
C++ curl_easy_perform() inserts newline into response 0.00
How does C evaluate these programs? +0.88
how to search a big array of names using binary search +1.06
What does a recursive function return if it does not have a return... +0.62
What does "pointer to register variable" as function para... -2.38
What does "int* p=+s;" do? -0.11
Why isn't %d able to automatically convert float value to int i... -0.12
How to add an element to a vector by using the << operator? +1.88
Why priority queue is implemented using heaps when we can implement... +1.49
Free causes a error : free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001d04018 +2.38
Using comma and break have an error in for loop 0.00
Warning: may be used uninitialized in this function -1.51
error C2146: syntax error : missing ',' before identifier m... 0.00
Why is there no "delete by index" for c++ vectors? +2.30
`push_back` to `vector< reference_wrapper<string> >` ca... 0.00
C++ 11 array pass by reference without size in function +1.50
How many times would I need to declare std::ios::sync_with_stdio(fa... 0.00
Factorial Recursive +0.37
Returning const value from arithmetic operator overload with move a... 0.00
Can EOF be on the same line as \n -1.04
Can we get the elements in the middle of "stack" directly? +1.90
passing argument 1 of ‘printf’ makes integer from pointer without a... 0.00
for loop with unsigned char gives unexpected behavior +0.39
about volatile and const embellishments -1.54