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Andy Turner

1718.65 (89th)
94,166 (819th)
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Title Δ
Is there a difference between new Class[]{} and new Class[0]? 0.00
Why is the runtime for this code O(N^2) when using a linked list? 0.00
Exercise java recursion 0.00
Problem with DataSource creation on Google Fit REST API (Oxygen Sat... 0.00
Is there a Java 8 way to populate the following map? 0.00
bad operand types for binary operator '-' in Prioritiy Queue 0.00
What is wrong with my comparable interface logic? 0.00
Trying to GET API for Read Sleep Data from google fit but returning... 0.00
Trying to fetch Read food items eaten data from google fit but retu... 0.00
Is there any way to improve the performance of the below code? 0.00
Mockito argument matcher that matches any of a type with generics,... 0.00
What final value does the variable nbrA have? 0.00
why I need 'new' for array parameter? 0.00
How to resolve: parameter never used with T type while T itself is... 0.00
Double for loop with if condition 0.00
Will instance objects in multiple threads have access to the same s... 0.00
Why is it said: "Checked exceptions are not forwarded in calli... 0.00
Java: Is there a refactoring "pass whole entity into method in... 0.00
(Subjective) Invalid Java Class Constructor 0.00
Is there a convenient way to generate a sorted array from the value... 0.00
How to join string and number suffixes together in Android/Java? 0.00
Truth Table all possible combinations 0.00
convert loop while with two counters into lambdas java 14 0.00
overlapping ifs refactoring of java 0.00
Difference between !(a==b) and a!=b 0.00
Heavy number corruption in floating point division in Java? 0.00
Does Collection.SynchronizedList iterator block entire iteration pr... 0.00
add() method keeps writing the same object at all the indices in th... 0.00
private variable is suddenly null 0.00
return type int is not compatible with long error in java 0.00
How to make 3d array's second array to be different 0.00
Java replace initial characters in String and preserve length 0.00
Java: Why does "Character newChar = 'c' " work if... 0.00
Java : How to get quarter year based on given date 0.00
Java, getting rid of unchecked conversion for method returning an o... 0.00
Proper way of truncating a synchronized ArrayList in Java 0.00
Why is Java string array appending a string to null in first cell? 0.00
Design Issue with Event/Action mechanism, Java generics 0.00
Why is this regular expression so slow in Java? 0.00
Is there an object able to chain successive method calls 0.00
Way to optimize comparator 0.00
How to create a single HashMap member in a class for two different... 0.00
Type T is not a valide Substitute for the bounded Parameter `<T... 0.00
Can't get program to break on specific string 0.00
Is there a workaround for not being able to access static methods i... 0.00
Why Does Unsupported exception is thrown when i am trying below code? 0.00
Get index where the element matches using lightweight stream API st... 0.00
Why can't List<? extends Animal> be replaced with List<... 0.00
How to simulate Haskell's pattern matching using visitor patter... 0.00
Why does HashMap allow duplicates and StringBuilder does not revers... 0.00