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1617.14 (1,156th)
163,533 (327th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to create a FILE object (stream) in RAM? 0.00
Can not reallocate memory in a very peculiar circumstance 0.00
why use lazy binding for Position-Independent Code Function Calls 0.00
POSIX binary semaphore 0.00
does the dynamic linker modify the reference after executable is co... 0.00
How does rounding work when converting from integers to IEEE 754 fl... 0.00
why differentiate .rel.text and section? 0.00
Why is type punning considered UB? 0.00
The x86 disassembly for C code generates: orq $0x0, %(rsp) 0.00
How to prove that AND instruction is faster than IDIV on a commodit... 0.00
How to check whether a Linux process has a specific supplementary g... 0.00
What is the difference between a constraint (restriction) and a &qu... 0.00
Why do compilers pad structs in C/C++? 0.00
Is shifting bits dependent on the endianness? 0.00
To what lengths should I go in order to avoid raising `FE_INEXACT`... 0.00
Reverse CAS where store only takes place if new value has not chang... 0.00
How to access user defined data types declared in .so (shared libra... 0.00
why can't you initialize values of structs outside of main() in... 0.00
Would if be correct/worthwhile to put __attribute__((const)) on a f... 0.00
Why decrement %rsp when everything can be done via registers? 0.00
getaddrinfo: Address family for nodename not supported in MacOS 0.00
How can I represent a given memory layout, rather than mathematical... 0.00
Can I load symbols with dlsym from memory 0.00
pthread_mutex_init result in Segmentation Fault 0.00
If statement in C () 0.00
GNU C replacement/workaround for typeof/__auto_type applied to bit... 0.00
Why aren't unreferenced symbols not optimized out by default? 0.00
On the practical advantage to C99's array size "guarantee&... 0.00
What other compilers do I need to worry about struct packing? 0.00
Thread termination with pthread_exit followed by return - Strange e... +0.35
What is an efficent way to compute floor(log(m / n)), where m and n... +1.36
why OS create the virtual memory for running process 0.00
typecasting unsigned char and signed char to int in C -0.43
In C, should inline functions in headers be externed in the .c file? +1.36
Why is const int x = 5; not a constant expression in C? -2.01
C When division, MSB get set 0.00
Why can't a defined, fix-sized array be assigned using a compou... +2.16
What is the difference between exit(0) and raise(SIGTERM) +1.50
Do I need to free the result of strerror() in C? +2.33
Making a function that defaults to aliasing an externally defined s... -0.12
implicit declaration of function 'link'; did you mean '... 0.00
Why cannot I get 2 gigabytes from malloc? +1.31
How to make pthreads work concurrent without pthread_join() +0.98
In an arm32 image-based container, readdir returns EOVERFLOW when d... 0.00
FILE *tmp = tmpfile() always generates NULL pointer in C? +0.71
What does POSIX mean when it says stderr is expected to be open for... 0.00
"program_invocation_name" not compiled under MacOS -0.33
Non-spacing characters in curses -1.98
Constructor in shared object not called in when LD_PRELOAD-ing a go... -0.65
Can I realloc() an unallocated pointer? -0.65