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1563.37 (4,836th)
35,753 (3,203rd)
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Title Δ
How can I make a C++ program to read predefined files after install... 0.00
C++ quickly dump int array contents into text file -0.44
How to make a variable cycle through range? -0.09
Convert c++ vector to char ** without memory leak 0.00
When using lambdas for complex initialization of variables, how can... 0.00
Is there a way to make a makefile for c++ that will run the program... 0.00
mid point using reverse iterators +1.78
Why can't allocate stack memory dynamically in visual c++? but... +1.14
Initializing variables in an "if" statement -0.16
Is it possible to transfer ownership from a void* to a unique_ptr? -0.09
How to include he C++ mysql library in configure and 0.00
How to detect last element within a map iterator +1.58
Which STL container could grow in both directions? 0.00
String won't reverse using reverse_copy +0.95
What is the standard output buffer called? +2.32
Getting memory leak with my shared pointers? +2.36
Is string_view really promoting use-after-free errors? +0.44
How to get the largest files in the current working directory in un... -2.15
Randomizing questions 0.00
Why is zero-initialization not the default for non-initialized vari... +0.29
C++ how to move object to a nullptr +1.88
Time cost of vector search vs. array search +0.41
Is moved variable valid to use after std::move? -0.49
How can I know who owns certain pointer -1.13
The mess that is ctime, time.h, sys/time.h 0.00
Using string as buffer container +1.09
Using async with std::accumulate 0.00
How to implement this data structure in c++ +0.13
parsing /proc/stat using c++ +0.39
convert char* to structure in c++ -0.92
Set shared_ptr with new_pointer that is old_pointer + offset 0.00
Is C++ better at avoiding memory leaks than C? 0.00
Deleting raw pointers from std::vector +0.77
Is there a way to make a class recursive? -1.75
Is std::regex safe for user-defined expressions? +0.85
Force deleting std::shared_ptr in C++ -0.83
Join const char* in a string +0.42
Pass variable to PUGIXML xml_tree_walker 0.00
Is it Thread Safe to read from lower index elements of an struct ar... +0.35
How to update STL map key1 with key2 and also copy value into key2 -0.70
How to pass a member function as a parameter? (PortAudio) +2.23
Eclipse, C++, how to turn on/off #define for online parsint 0.00
Initialize an N-sized std::vector with std::uniform_real_distributi... +0.08
How to convert from stringstream to unsigned char vector and vice v... +2.46
fastest way to read the last line of a string? -0.06
How to force GNU make to recompile the same object file used in two... -0.62
How to determine how many characters `std::getline()` extracted? 0.00
How do I check to see if a text file is empty or does not exist in... -1.53
In C++ polymorphism, how to avoid name hiding for functions (no mat... -1.90
Why is getline written so strangely? -0.95