An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1460.23 (4,401,679th)
6,517 (24,769th)
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Title Δ
Dataframe filter out rows (string) which contain specified words 0.00
Convert EitherT[Future, A, B] to Option[B] 0.00
structural type extending another structural type 0.00
How to convert java stream collect to scala 0.00
How to avoid auto rounding down small double number in Scala? 0.00
Passing values with appropriate types 0.00
Element wise multiplication of iterators and calculating sum 0.00
Is there a function that transforms/maps both Either's Left and... 0.00
Difference between SAM and anonymous functions 0.00
How do generic types work with inheritance in scala? 0.00
How to compiler find the right implicit? 0.00
How can I attach a database to azure devops hosted agents localdb i... 0.00
Is it safe to mutate an instance of SqlCommand immately after a cal... 0.00
How to run and compile exact one test in sbt? -1.10
Return with await when wrapping old async pattern into TaskCompleti... -0.19
Scala: How to implement the following without using var +1.44
Multiple branch pull requests behavior 0.00
Parsing ambiguous datetime with Noda Time -1.73
Pattern matching overhead? +0.02
Is this an abuse of Scala pattern matching? -0.11
SCALA Replace with $ +0.46
Use build number in build task +2.14
How exactly do p2p networks connect? 0.00
Param value encoding 0.00
Why does Visual Studio prompt me NOT to use the `this` keyword for... +1.09
Why do each new instance of case classes evaluate lazy vals again i... +0.56
Get emoticon's (chars) unicode code +2.79
"one-to-one correspondence with files in a file system" +0.59
Using a DLL which in turn uses Entity Framework +1.76
How to create Expression<Func<TSource, bool> by comparing... +1.82
Does TypeScript has variable names escaping feature like backticks... 0.00
Word count using fold +1.27
Need to get so substring but using Regular Expression -0.10
How to add/update references without Visual Studio using a custom s... 0.00
async await wrong order of execution +0.59
Scala, play framework: How to properly inject dependency in domain... 0.00
Remove exact instance of class from list +0.03
Get Func types from a List of Expression<Func> +0.91
Linq fill data for nested List<T> +0.85
Check if C# byte array contains a String +0.69
Functor in TypeScript -0.83
List<string[]> determine max length by Linq -1.03
How to sort a list in Scala by an unknown number of items? +2.72
Regex of phone number - how to make sure the user won't put +-*... -1.19
Scala: Option[Seq[String]] vs Seq[Option[String]]? +0.58
LINQ EF Join query from 2 different data context +1.57
C# set all member of a class to public +0.90
Take the first five elements and the five last elements from an arr... -0.23
PHP Detect Duplicate Text -1.23
Split string into key-value pairs +0.14