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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1729.79 (66th)
402,004 (68th)
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Title Δ
Search file with Regular expression -0.60
Regex - How to match something without a specific prefix? +0.90
Regular Expression for the password pattern -1.53
Capturing specific data from Twitch info? -0.21
JS: Regular expression for string +0.29
Convert string of time to cleaner format +1.11
Regex exclusive capture between strings (VB.NET) -2.75
regular expression which allows square brackets +2.23
Splitting values by commas that are outside parentheses? +0.30
Use regular expression to find a character in a string and compare... 0.00
how to create regular expression for folder names in javascript? -0.40
How to add modifers to regex in python? +0.92
How to write regex pattern for the following string to be matched +1.59
Python: POSIX character class in regex? 0.00
Python re.findall behaves weird -1.76
how to match all 3 digit except a particular number +0.34
Regex to find a keyword in complete string that may have spaces, ne... 0.00
Regular expression for positive integers, 2 to 4 digits but no 00,... -0.19
Objective C Regex Line starts with number 0.00
Nested quantifier * exception with C# regex matching US phone number +1.19
c# regex - changing pattern matches until find specific word 0.00
Getting index of matched strings in Regex Expression +1.67
sed replace quotation marks +0.31
Replacing digits immediately after a saved pattern -0.75
How to extract relevant text between two lines using regex 0.00
Regex to select specific portion of the rtf source +1.36
What's the exclamation mark at the beginning and dollar sign at... 0.00
Visual Basic Excel Regular Expresion {} 0.00
RegEx - Text between two markers with one of them optional +1.86
Tab switching in AngularJS 0.00
Java regular expression find substring +1.32
Regex Help String Matching -0.42
Javascript regex for username containing letters, numbers and one h... +2.24
Java: Match City Regex +0.33
How to regex "other than ~"? 0.00
Match regex pattern in a line of text without targeting the text wi... 0.00
Python Regex starting with hashtag 0.00
how I can write this regular expression for postgresql? +1.25
C# Regex Match between with or without new lines +1.42
Python. Replacing reg.ex string in multiple files and save it 0.00
NetBeans replace word with another word from the text 0.00
Android Logcat regex with app tag and custom TAG -0.16
Regex for special characters in c# +0.43
match till a pattern using re in python -2.42
Match all numeric characters without letters or accented letters be... -1.54
Convert REGEX that works in php to Javascript 0.00
Unable to match subsequent regex pattern +1.63
PHP preg_match - regex is unexpectedly greedy 0.00
Validate a combination of Arabic and English characters 0.00
Get records containing iframe elements with 'src="http:... +1.17