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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1727.11 (66th)
356,542 (77th)
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Title Δ
preg_match unexpected behaviour -2.09
How to cut string with Regex and Notepad++ 0.00
Regex Arabic Vocalization Matching 0.00
C# regex - check/edit matching group before using +1.16
Find & replace between html tags using python +0.24
How to create a regex pattern for splitting at specific chars? +0.50
Regex to match exact words and convert match into tags 0.00
How do I find and replace using Regular Expressions in Google Docs... +0.14
How replace last instance of space with comma 0.00
Regex to remove everything after a specific pattern 0.00
How to use preg_match_all for this specific string? +0.23
Regex To Scrape JavaScript 0.00
How to replace specific substrings that are not html tags +1.97
regex whole word (jQuery DataTables search) 0.00
Regular expression for anchor tag in c# +2.70
How to match all regular expression groups with or without characte... +2.65
Repeating a capturing group vs capturing a repeated group with nest... +2.30
Need a regex expert to match nested brackets -1.73
Java - Best way to get numbers after decimal place +1.02
Check @ symbol does not have leading characters using REGEX +0.52
Allow Hebrew letters in regex 0.00
Perl regex to convert environment variable format from unix ${foo}... +2.19
Regex php, replace ul li by div +0.03
html5 input type number with regex pattern -0.50
Exclude word from matches +2.31
Use FInd/Replace to re-order attributes in Visual Studio 0.00
Regular Expression + C# -1.32
Get the last alphanumerics string except the first char 0.00
replaceAll replacing the full words before and after slash as well -1.31
Ruby regex to match a pattern followed by another pattern -1.28
Extracting img src value from json +0.75
Python regex explanation needed - $ character usage -1.30
Regular expression matching in content +0.71
R: regex for lookahead (that doesn't involve ?=) 0.00
Text matching using regex matches words with no space only 0.00
Skipping sections dynamically in a regular expression +2.24
Exclude Substring from Match -0.87
Check Input for Time Value 0.00
regular expression for string of alphanumeric characters except X a... -1.75
How do I mod_rewrite my URL to show only subfolders in URL? 0.00
Get first number in a string after the first occurrence of identifier +0.02
C# Forms - Setting the text enter cursor 0.00
Make user name bolded in text in PHP -1.19
How to write a Regular Expression to ignore a word in a sentence -0.50
Notepad++ close non-whitespace 0.00
Conditional regex not working 0.00
Regex between equal and ampersand -0.26
String split for specific element -0.86
R split string with RegExp but containing those characters +1.63
Check if string has same characters in a row -1.11