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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1755.59 (34th)
426,326 (62nd)
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Title Δ
multi-line regex for Logwatch ignore.conf 0.00
Putting a hyperlink in a MessageBox 0.00
Regex - split by dot if it is at the end of word -2.67
Design regex expression for this html 0.00
Save As Button without confirmation 0.00
How to search for term "AI" with regex 0.00
Rails 4: HTML Patterns For UK Numbers - Mobile or Landline +3.86
Regex Match for HTML string with newline +4.01
Regex for MoneyFormat w/ (,) and (.) Optionals 0.00
Python - how to match specific words / digits from multiple lines i... -2.65
Have to pass a single string to multiple regex patterns and on matc... 0.00
How to import the ReadabilityStatistics funtion in this code? 0.00
Char type not defined +4.25
How do I isolate a space using RegExp in VBA (\s vs. \p{Zs})? +4.22
How to redirect WordPress blog page to root path? -3.70
how to write regex to get the first level group 0.00
Regex Issue in Siebel application +0.11
How can I comment out the closing tag from a CDATA section for disp... +4.16
VBA function result type mismatch -2.05
matching multiple values using one regex? 0.00
Regular expression to remove space between numbers in C# 0.00
I am getting Run-Time Error '13': Type Mismatch +0.16
html5 semantics - span tag vs p tag +0.19
VBA Excel "Compile error: Object Required" -3.96
VBA Vlookup with defined name range 0.00
How to split a string into two parts on specific delimeter -3.88
how to escape special chars when i need to send regular expression... +0.01
Misunderstanding groups in regex, is this possible? +5.76
Regex Expression validation -3.93
SQL Query to Search for String within a String (but the string may... +0.08
parse scripts and link tags via regex in C# -3.05
What .join() method does in Google App Script? -3.87
Using XDocument to parse element based xml string 0.00
Regex is working. But seriously dont know, what is wrong in some pa... +0.72
Match a "placeholder" with specific parameters in .NET 0.00
Regular expression to identify first character only 0.00
Can Microsoft Translator answer "does a word exist" queri... 0.00