An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1443.42 (4,534,034th)
2,072 (81,209th)
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Title Δ
How to get Button text using onclicklistner in Android Kotlin? 0.00
Why does unboxing occur in this case? -1.54
git push not working - says everything is up to date, when clearly... +0.01
How can I skip loop for first and last element of array and set the... -0.84
Python Selenium bot to view Instagram stories | How can i click the... 0.00
Convert list to 3D Array in C# +0.31
Why is my function coming up undefined the second time it is being... +2.58
Update is not updating but success message appears +0.59
how to count up variables in java -1.10
jQuery prev next elements -0.20
Insert image in Uploaded pdf file Laravel 5.5 0.00
Time calculation Timeformat minus 0.00
How to keep the same header for multiple websites 0.00
d3 js not working well -0.37
How to know if two divs are present with same id in javascript? +0.71
Android Studio uses online documentaion even when the documentation... -0.42
Write 2d Text on specific point using three.js 0.00
Writing new lines to a text document in Android fails to add new li... 0.00
How can I make a multiline radio button label line up nicely? +0.04
Alternative codeing instead of "if else" logic for Android -1.90
Convert Java Object with String Array as a Field to JSONObject -1.08
simulate mouse click with motionevents +0.58
can't intent to UserAreaActivity? +0.07
Android Paste Button 0.00
Random number generator giving me 0 on a range of 1-20 0.00
Edit HTML inside text/template -1.24
anchoring a geomety/mesh to it's corner for scaling three.js -0.39
How do I solve unsupported type ImageView error? +0.33
Need to end a while loop when answer is correct 0.00
Comparing Cell Background colour in JavaScript +0.46
How to smoothly animate drawing of a line -1.40
Java if (Yes or No Statement) +0.93
Android Date Picker Material Style +0.59
onCreate() workflow confusion +0.08
How do I add text on the 2nd line of a string in javascript? +1.78
Rectangle2D.contains() not working? -1.16
Not able to debug my app on android device +0.63
What do I do to output a random string in my javascript array every... -1.40
Android Wrong selected dimen +0.59
How to calculate all the vertex of the scene that hold in Three.Js -1.92
load json data to javascript global variable -2.92
Print the java path from a class 0.00
Build HTML from javascript 0.00
rounding variable and making it a currency +0.36
How to quit every instance of three.js when script is finished? 0.00
Syntax Error: Unexpected Identifier in for-loop in AngularJS $http.... -3.22
Getting Error from Adding and Printing Linked Lists -3.24
Three.js Extending geometry 0.00
How to set camera position dynamically using three.js 0.00
Generating IDs, based on what number is not in use as an ID of othe... -1.06