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Roko C. Buljan

1611.09 (1,340th)
133,924 (460th)
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Title Δ
Regular expression does not match simple case 0.00
disable click event for nested div elements until setTimeout is over 0.00
Onclick function does not work after Ajax reloads the <div> 0.00
Make only 5 results to be visible in a search bar at a time 0.00
How to toggle active class in two button and hide div using jQuery? 0.00
I need to understand the Conditional ternary statement 0.00
Click to change images with an ease transition 0.00
Extracting values from Text Documents using Javascript/Regex 0.00
add addEventListener to all the buttons 0.00
Removing unwanted characters from the beginning of a sentence using... 0.00
stop executing loop on certain condition and wait for click, then c... 0.00
multiple google maps with marker combined into slider 0.00
Setting audio element source from blob 0.00
Convert flat structure to hierarchical with sort by attribute 0.00
How to perform the same function in several checkboxes? 0.00
How to edit specific number in array which is converted from string... 0.00
How to make a JQuery script that only submits when you put an exact... 0.00
Group table cells together in html with ul li? 0.00
Map an array to create a new array of pairs 0.00
Traversing through HTML elements using jQuery to retrieve <texta... 0.00
How do I control radio buttons with a standard HTML button element? 0.00
Ability to select start and end point on audio player 0.00
Css align element left 0.00
volume calculator with multiple measurement options 0.00
Get total sum of keys in json string with vanilla js 0.00
How to remove the value from formData before submitting in java scr... 0.00
How can I get this data-tag-id from this table? 0.00
CSS style different for one or two children 0.00
how to click on a button after popup windows loaded completely 0.00
How to override the universal selector *? 0.00
Bitshift operation with long unsigned - Off by one issue 0.00
How to use .on() using querySelector in jquery? 0.00
How to toggle class for font awesome icons with pure javascript? 0.00
I want to drag an element defined as a data attribute and my questi... 0.00
Toggle menu with jQuery 0.00
preventDefault() Method not Working in arrow function 0.00
Select an element after another element in JavaScript 0.00
Loop Through Formset To Sum Values - JQuery 0.00
What does the ? mean in an HTML absolute link 0.00
Add one div only once not as many times as "li" is added JS 0.00
jQuery On Event get object listener 0.00
Close mobile menu when clicked on anchor link 0.00
Javascript onclick calls wrong function 0.00
How can I do a "un hover" animation? 0.00
Dark mode flickers a white background for a millisecond on reload 0.00
Want to hide a table row containing zero in qty 0.00
How to silently fail querySelector() like jQuery() if element does... 0.00
Inverting button action on click 0.00
Changing fontSize of * (everything) with JavaScript 0.00
How can I swap the position of an icon and text of an <a> tag 0.00