An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Jordi Castilla

1545.62 (9,166th)
21,779 (6,089th)
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Title Δ
using toString() +1.45
Variable is null but it really isn't? 0.00
Javascript: render a list of components -0.76
Get name of weekday from date-field (PDF form, Javascript) 0.00
How to enforce no-extend-native in es6 compiled using babel? -1.89
get value of the selected checkbox from matrix table 0.00
Javascript app: require is not defined 0.00
concat two array on every second place +1.36
Show a-cursor in VR mode only 0.00
Import SVG as react Component 0.00
Trying to understand custom properties added to JavaScript system o... +0.43
Receiving "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Null... 0.00
Bootstrap tabbed panel 0.00
Get all public variables names & values (including of inherited... -0.07
Don't write comma after last element in for loop +2.34
Select multiple images to each input file +0.02
using javascript on android webview java 0.00
Javascript loop not executing in strict mode else it works -0.56
Display a hidden element / Simulate click -0.31
save coordinates from Google Map in Javascript 0.00
Why doesn't knockoutjs run this computed function when the page... +0.44
Best way to handle mutiple assigment of the same property in javasc... +0.13
Autoplay HTML5 video on android (JS) -0.56
Select randomly 1 or 2 values from an array 0.00
How to recursively load classes from a particular package 0.00
Should I user meteor packages or copy js files? +0.40
How to get the WiFi noise level in Android? 0.00
OnTouchEvent not working as intended in Android 0.00
Conditional formatting of KO grid cells 0.00
Java - How do I loop through a map looking for instances of another... +0.43
java arrays finding duplicates and replacing them +1.71
ArrayList - get "Contain" and "lastIndexOf" usi... +0.47
Why does this code have two different results? -0.84
How does browser/HTML decide where focus of cursor should be? +0.44
What does it mean <S extends T> save (S entity); in Spring Re... -1.67
Get variable from another method -0.07
Java: Using reflection to fill all the setters from a class 0.00
Cannot cast Int to android.view.View using Transition in Adapter cl... 0.00
Decimal delimiter when viewing BigDecimal 0.00
how to initialize JUnit test classes before running in parallel 0.00
How to parse JSON which has escaped quotes with GSON -0.07
How to tell that a field is not going to be saved -0.36
How can we know, that some method is applied? +0.43
How can I select a random element from an array based on the value... -0.70
Why does .equals() fail??? Checkers Game 0.00
Using a String to find a static variable Java -1.15
Hand Tracing Loops -2.23
Java SimpleDateFormat Not working properly 0.00
Dynamically changing the size of JFrame when exposed to different s... -0.09
What is the difference between setOnItemClickListener and only onIt... +0.44